Libtech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard Stealth 2017

Libtech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard Stealth 2017 snowboards

The Skate Banana Board by Lib Technologies is an almost timeless classic in the All Mountain Freestyle range.

The Hybrid Rocker with Banana Tech and Magne-Traction edges makes for a playfully enjoyable ride on the slopes, in the park or in powder and firm edge grip even on hard surfaces.

For riders with big feet, the Skate Banana is also available as a wide version, so that the tips of your toes do not stick out and they dig into the track.

-Application: All Terrain Freestyle

-Flex: 4.5 -6.5/10 -medium

-Core: Aspen / Columbian Gold

-Features: BTX Banana Tech, Magne-Traction, Bi-Ax Tri-Ax Fiberglass, Co-Ex Top, Power Transfer Internal Sidewalls, UHMW Sintered External Sidewalls, TNT Base

-BTX Banana Tech Camber:

-The board has a rocker in the middle of the board and flat camber in the binding area.

This gives the board buoyancy in deep snow and makes it a jib-spinning machine.

Thanks to the flat profile you have enough edge to dig you into the track with powerful carves.

-Aspen / Columbian Gold:

-Fast-growing and solid aspen wood from sustainable cultivation, long-lasting fibers, ultra light and powerful.


-The special Magne-Traction-edge technology works like a bread knife and looks like this.

Thanks to the wavy edges you always have perfect grip and incomparable edge hold in all snow conditions.

-Bi-Ax Tri-Ax Fiberglass:

-The 45 ° 45 ° 90 ° Triax and 0 ° 90 ° Biax Fiberglass layers give the board torsional rigidity, flex and extra bounce.

-Base: Tempered Titanium Speed ​​Base (TNT):

-The TNT Speed ​​Base is a fast and easy-care rubber with very good wax absorption.

-Birch Internal Sidewalls:

-The internal sidewalls of horizontally glued birch wood give the edges more power, while the hard, external sidewalls are very sturdy and catch small bumps.

Average width: (Board length) -25.3cm (154cm)

-25.5cm (156cm)

-26.5cm (156cm) Wide

-25.5cm (159cm)

-26.5cm (159cm) Wide

-25.8cm (162cm)

-26.7cm (162cm) Wide

Rider Weight:


-Kg (154cm)


-Kg (156cm)


-Kg (156cm) Wide


-Kg (159cm)


-Kg (159cm) Wide


-Kg (162cm)


-Kg (162cm Wide)

Brand: Libtech

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