LibTech T-Rice Travis Rice HP C2 Snowboard 2017

LibTech T Rice Travis Rice HP C2 Snowboard 2017 snowboards

The T-Rice Signature Snowboard by Lib Technologies has 161.5cm and 164.5cm tapered (pointy) tips and a wider center.

The boards are just perfect for technical freestyle riding and freeride action in the backcountry, but of course a really cool snowbard for the slopes! This Liberty all-terrain freestyle snowboard features the C2 Power Banana Hybrid Camber Profile and Magne-Traction Edges. So you float in the powder as well as you edge hold on icy slopes. The special feature of the Travis Rice HP Snowboard is the Horsepower technology, which uses a lot of basalt to reinforce the core. Basalt has the property to be very durable and light, so you have a lot of fun! with the board. In addition, the Libtech Magne-Traction edge technology ensures optimum grip in all snow conditions.

At home, the Travis Rice HP Snowboard naturally feels at home in any terrain, but it's especially well-suited for high-speed maneuvers, freeride and kicker-riding.

-Application: All Terrain Freestyle

-Flex: 6-7 / 10 -medium

-Core: Power A, Polonia, Aspen XL Core

-Features: C2 BTX Banana Tech, Magne-Traction, Basalt Fibers, Organic Beans Top, Birch Internal Sidewalls, UHMW Sintered External Sidewalls, UHMW Tip to Tail Impact-deflection Co-Sintered Base

-HorsePower Technology:

-Thanks to HP, the board has a few extra horses.

This high-performance technology combines high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, thereby improving the quality and performance of the board. The Aspen XL Polonia core and basalt are used as the core reinforcement.

-C2 BTX Banana Tech Camber:

-Lib Tech were one of the first brands to equip their boards with rocker technology.

The board has a rocker in the middle of the board and tension in the binding area to the nose and tail.

This gives the board buoyancy in deep snow and makes it a jib-spinning machine.

Thanks to the preload, you still have enough edge to dig you into the track with powerful carves.

-Power A, Polonia, Aspen XL Core:

-Heat treated aspen and paulownia wood for maximum pop and longevity.

The core is very powerful and very light.


-A special edge technology that looks and works like a bread knife.

Thanks to the wavy edges you always have perfect grip in all snow conditions.

-Basalt Fibers:

-This processing method completely dispenses with fiberglass. Only basalt fabric is used, which is lighter, more robust, durable and environmentally friendly.

-Co-sintered base:

-An environmentally friendly base, fast, robust and maximum wax absorption.

-Internal-External Sidewalls:

-The internal sidewalls of horizontally glued birch wood give the edges more power, while the hard, external sidewalls are very sturdy and catch small beats.

Average width in cm: (board length in cm) -25.5cm (155cm)

-25.8cm (157cm)

-26th3cm (157cm) Wide

-26cm (161.5cm)

-26.2cm (164.5cm)

Rider weight: in kg -50

-Kg (155cm)


-Kg (157cm)


-Kg (157cm) Wide


-Kg (161.5cm)


-Kg (164.5cm)

Lib Tech T Rice HP Blunt Wide Snowboard Mens

Lib Tech T Rice HP Blunt Wide Snowboard Mens

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