Long Island Cube Complete Longboard Drop Through -Turquise

Long Island Cube Complete Longboard Drop Through  Turquise

Blue The Long Island Cube is the racer and freestyle runner.

A great longboard that makes for a lot of driving pleasure! The Long Island Cube Complete Longboard with Double Kicktail and High Concave provides efficient power transmission on the board and is incredibly easy to control.

The drop-through mounted axles give the cube a low road and optimum steering characteristics. In conjunction with the 83A soft wheels, the longboard has very good grip and also rolls over rougher surfaces like geolt.

-Long: 41.6 "(105.66 cm)
-Width: 10" (25.5 cm)
-Wheelbase: 29.3 "(74.42 cm)
-Concave: High tt> -Shape: Double Kick
-Construction: 7 layers USA Hard Rock Maple
-Axes : Bear Grizzly 852 180mm
-Bearings: ABEC 7
-Wheels: 71mm / 83A
-Made in Europe
-High quality workmanship
-Terrain : Carving, Cruising, Freestyle, Sliding Note: The board must not be exposed to wet!

Brand: LongIsland

Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle – 24oz

Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle - 24oz
  1. Ultimate Thermal Protection – The double-wall construction of our insulated water bottles creates a thermal barrier of air to keep heat out and cold in.
  2. Foil layers reflect solar rays for additional thermal protection.
  3. Constructed of durable, lightweight and FDA food grade approved LDPE.
  4. Take it everywhere you go, from a run to a drive to a bike ride.
  5. Wide mouth accommodates ice cubes and makes it easy to clean.
  6. Made in the USA – Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottles are proudly made in the USA to reduce environmental impact and support local economies.
  7. Designed to last, each one of our water bottles comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  8. Our bottles are made in America from locally sourced parts, which allows us to minimize shipping costs and the environmental impact that goes along with them.
  9. The fact that our entire operation – from sales to production to shipping – takes place under one roof further reduces overhead, energy use and environmental strain.
  10. Polar Bottle) in 1994 from a garage in Boulder, Colorado.
  11. As avid cyclists and budding entrepreneurs, they wanted to develop a bottle unlike anything else on the market that would keep liquids cool during long rides.
  12. Robert, a mechanical engineer with experience working with heat loss in the field of medical technology design, adapted his expertise to create the first insulated squeeze water bottle on the market — the Polar Bottle Sport.
  13. From there, he and Judy began making the reusable insulated water bottles by hand with plastics sourced from Denver, Colorado that they picked up themselves in a family mini van.
  14. Today, Polar Bottle has grown to become a leader in the hydration market with bottles shipped around the world.
  15. Every year, millions of tons of single-use plastic bottles from bottled water end up in landfills and oceans around the globe.
  16. By producing a durable bottle that lasts for years and is ultimately recyclable, we hope to reverse this unfortunate legacy and encourage people to ditch bottled water in favor of reusable water bottles.
  17. The valve’s design prevents the bottle from leaking even in the open position, and allows pressure to build inside the bottle when squeezed — releasing a refreshing burst of water.
  18. Coffee or tea will remain piping hot for at least 12 hours.
  19. Ice water will stay cold through an 24 hour day at work or play.
  20. Thermaluxe features our patented Half Twist technology.
  21. In fact, it was the first original insulated sport bottle on the market.
  22. Our products are assembled in, and shipped from, our warehouse in Boulder, Colorado with parts sourced from the USA.
  23. Thanks to our brand ambassadors, you can find our products at some of the world’s top golf courses, most beautiful beaches and most popular fly fishing destinations.
  24. Over the years, we’ve contributed hundreds of thousands in cash and product, as well as attended events both locally and nationally, to further support the causes most important to our company and community.
  25. Wide mouth accommodates ice cubes and makes it easy to clean.
  26. As the first to make insulated BPA-free plastic sports water bottles, Polar Bottle has had over 20 years to perfect keeping liquids stored, clean, and cool for twice as long.
  27. Our insulated water bottles have a double-wall construction with a thermal barrier of air to keep heat out and cold in.
  28. Polar Bottle water bottles are and always have been 100% BPA-free and phthalate-free.
  29. Constructed of durable, lightweight and FDA food grade approved polyethylene.
  30. Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottles are proudly made in the USA to reduce environmental impact and support local economies.
  31. We aim to create products that bring positive, long-term benefits to the lives of our customers and the health of our planet.
  32. BPA-free and phthalate free, our water bottles come with a lifetime guarantee and are designed to last for years.
  33. I was hoping this would work great for keeping my water cool on hot summer bike rides in the Utah desert, especially after reading so many positive reviews.
  34. Don’t expect anything INCREDIBLE, but it is noticeably better than a simple plastic water bottle.
  35. Unfortunately that’s the extent of my notable positives with this bottle.
  36. The screw-on top worked great for the first month or so, but after that it started to leak.
  37. At first I thought the drips were just from excess water that had found its way around the rim and inside the top when I was filling it up, but after carefully drying the top and the rim, a test proved that the bottle does, indeed leak.
  38. I have only hand washed it, so it’s not from the bottle warping in the hot dishwasher.
  39. My experience differs from others as this bottle doesn’t fit in my standard bicycle water bottle holder.
  40. Even using this on my road bike and going over very few bumps I’m constantly having to reach down and readjust it so it doesn’t fall.
  41. I’ve heard the Camelbak insulated water bottle works great, although I’ve never used one myself.
  42. If I were interested in spending more money, I would probably test that one out.
  43. The bottle is difficult to drink from as well unless you want to stand there letting it drip the contents into your mouth a half teaspoon at a time you have to suck it out or squeeze the bottle hoping it regains its shape after.
  44. Also unless you screw down the lid with all you might it will leak under the lid.
  45. Water that came directly out of the refrigerator at the time I filled the bottle is, after just one hour, so warm that you can’t tell it was ever cooled in the first place.
  46. I even put two ice cubes in with the water once just to see if that would slow down the rise in temperature.
  47. No such luck: after an hour in the desert heat, the water was as warm as it always is–in fact, as warm as it used to be when I was using a plastic water bottle with NO insulation at all.
  48. I’m somewhat spoiled by the vacuum insulated bottles these days but even filled to the top with ice it seems to get warm as fast as a standard bottle in AZ.
  49. If you don’t need the extra insulation this is an awesome choice, unfortunately I bought it specifically for that and wasn’t terribly impressed with it’s ability to keep things cold.
  50. I bought this for my wife who lost her camelback water bottle, hoping this was a good alternative but it is not near the same quality.
  51. I recommend researching and spending a little more money on something of quality.
  52. I am not suggesting any specific company just do not buy this one.
  53. They fit in the bike bottle holder and is easy to grab, open and drink with one hand.
  54. The only negative and the reason for only 3 stars is that it makes the water taste weird.
  55. I was disappointed because I do like the look and functionality of the bottle but can’t use it because of the awful taste.
  56. I actually love that it doesn’t have the toxic plastics and it’s dishwasher top rack safe.
  57. I believe that a well insulated water bottle should stay cold longer than an hour with ice in it, unless you’re in direct hot sunlight.
  58. Luckily, I still have several days to decide whether to pay the extra money to send it back.
  59. Ice melts quickly and the cap is kind of a PITA to open and close and restricts the amount of water you can get out of it.
  60. Also it creates a nasty coat around the inside of the bottle .
Buy here $7.99

Sticky Bumps Unisex Original Surf Wax Warm Tropical White

Sticky Bumps Unisex Original Surf Wax Warm Tropical White
  1. Original Warm: 64-74F / 19-28C Sold as individual bars.
  2. Wax (4 pc: All Temp, Cold, Warm, Graphite), Plexi Scraper, Cork Bar, and more.
Buy here $2.73

Long Island Longboards

Long Island longboards is proud to presents his two new riders Eloi Puyol & Toni Serrano.

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