Long Island Degrade Complete Longboard Drop Through -White

Long Island Degrade Complete Longboard Drop Through  White

Long Island Longboards have high quality and the Degrade is no exception.

This twin tip freestyle longboard with a negative camber and medium concave is extremely lively and ensures optimum power transmission.

The 180mm, reverse kingpin, drop-through mounted Bear Trucks delight with their fluid handling and high quality.

Narrow carves or big turns become pure pleasure.

Firm grip on the road is provided by the rounded, 71mm and 83A Hurricane Wheels. And the grip on the board is provided by the old-fashioned Jessup Griptape, so you always have the Degrade under control.
-High-quality complete longboard
-Application: Freestyle
-Construction: 7 layers US Hard Rock Maple
-Measure: 103.5cm x 24.8cm
-Type: Camber
-Concave: Medium
-Assembly: Drop Through
-Axes: Bear Grizzly 180mm Trucks -Reverse Kingpin
-Wheels: Hurricane Freestyle 71mm x 51mm -83A
-Ball Bearings: ABEC 7 -Spacer
Note: The board should not be exposed to wet!

Brand: LongIsland

Ski Snowboard Snowmobile Skate Goggles with Anti-fog UV Protection for Men Women

Ski Snowboard Snowmobile Skate Goggles with Anti-fog UV Protection for Men Women
  1. Excellent Service:30-day money back guarantee,100% satisfaction guarantee.
  2. SDolphin do serious business with professional and fast-response customer service (within 24 hours); solid, brand new and fully authorized product.
  3. To ensure your complete safety and the excellent service we strive to give our customers, please avoid purchasing from other sellers.
  4. The top vent holes enhance the air-flow and reduce fogging when skiing or snowboarding on the slope.
  5. High performance for optical clarity from it brings more fun all the way down the mountain.
  6. Full REVO Mirror Coated & Polarized Lens:
    SDolphin snow goggles comes with standard full REVO coated and polarized lens options for differnet weather condition and better eyes protection.
  7. You are able to see the ditches and curves and avoid possible accidents.
  8. Friendly Tips Please do wipe the OUTER LENS with the pouch gently, if the outer lens get dirty .
  9. Please do not wipe the INNER LENS which will invalidating anti-fog function.
  10. Please keep the goggle in the POUCH or BOX instead of facing on the ground or desk.
  11. Please do not use mascara or other oily substance in case lens gets dirty.
  12. This goggles is good for skiing snow snowboard snowmobile skate motorcycle riding .
  13. Package Includes:

    1 x Ski Goggles

    1 x Hard protection case


    1-Never clean your Goggles with paper towels or clothing, which can leave scratches.
  14. Just use clean water and SDolphin’s included cloth to clean it.
  15. Never leave your sunglasses under car’s front window, especially in summer.
  16. Prolonged exposure to the oven-like temperatures inside a car can degrade the lens.
Buy here $32.68

Lansky 4-Stone Deluxe Diamond Knife Sharpening Kit

Lansky 4-Stone Deluxe Diamond Knife Sharpening Kit
  1. Designed to give your blade a professional, razor sharp edge every time, regardless of your sharpening ability.
  2. The original and legendary Controlled-Angle System is the ultimate in Knife Sharpening technology.
  3. The system comes with four sharpening hones of different coarseness: an extra-coarse diamond (70 grit), a coarse diamond (120 grit), a medium diamond (280 grit), and a fine diamond (600 grit).
  4. As a result, you’ll have the tools to sharpen virtually any type of kitchen, hobby, or garden knife.
  5. Diamond kits are very aggressive, and are the sharpener of choice for quickly setting an edge or resetting the edge to a different angle.
  6. That’s because diamonds remove steel much faster than their aluminum oxide counterparts.
  7. The system is easy to use, with a controlled-angle sharpening system built into the precision-engineered knife clamp.
  8. Simply secure the knife, choose your preferred angle, and you’ll receive a sharp edge every time.
  9. Each of the four angle options is suitable for a different knife type.
  10. The severe 17-degree angle is recommended for razor blades, X-Acto blades, scalpels, and similar tools, as it provides an extremely sharp but delicate edge.
  11. The 20-degree angle is commonly used for higher-quality blades, making it ideal for kitchen cutlery and filet knives.
  12. The 25-degree angle is recommended for knives that need a durable, sharp edge, such as hunting and outdoor knives.
  13. And the 30-degree angle is recommended for heavy-duty knives that commonly cut cardboard, wire, or carpets.
  14. Each honing stone is color-coded, with finger-grooved safety holders to keep your hand secure.
  15. A commonly used angle for higher quality blades and provides an excellent edge for kitchen cutlery and filet knives.
  16. The recommended angle for most knives that need a durable, sharp edge.
  17. Angle: An outstanding angle for knives that see the heavy use of cutting cardboard, wire or carpets.
  18. All of our products come with the same warranty as if you were to buy that item from the manufacturer directly.
  19. The screw itself had burs on the threads making it more difficult to use.
  20. The picture showed a metal headed screw that stands off the surface enough to grip.
  21. The one I got had almost flat plastic headed screws that were very difficult to grip, especially the one that tightens the clamp which sits in a depression also.
  22. I was unable to adequately clamp my first knife and make it secure without using too much of the blade which made it impossible to use the 17 or 20 degree slots as the hone would hit the clamp before the knife.
  23. After working to find an adequate clamping, I looked at the proximity of my hand and fingers to the blade and feel that this is a dangerous operation and prone to lacerations of the hand.
  24. The new sharpner unit is not the quality the old one was.
  25. I just hope the diamonds last as long, but i’m really not expecting that.
  26. There is an important point to consider if you want one of these and that is what kind of steel am I sharpening?
  27. If you have knives with “SV30, 154, D1, or any of the new extra hard steels” you will need a diamond kit like this one.
  28. The stone surface (diamond grit) is harder than the steel and it will remove material needed to reshape and sharpen the blade.
  29. The regular stones will not remove as much steel and also wear quicker making the surface of the stone uneven and ruining your hard work.
  30. The reason for 4 stars is the blade holder or clamp, it is difficult to properly locate the clamp and provide sufficient force to keep the blade from moving during the sharpening process.
  31. If you decide to use this system I strongly recommend you buy the mounting base or table clamp it will make your job much faster.
  32. The weakest link in the system is the clamp – hard to use, and doesn’t always hold the knife immobile.
  33. The key to using a diamond stone is a light touch and patience.
  34. If you push too hard, get impatient, you’re going to remove too much metal and then you’ll have to reshape the whole thing.
  35. Be careful about making sure the stone is flat on the bevel before making the stroke – the edge of the diamond block can easily carve a nick into the blade.
  36. On the plus side – if you have a knife that needs to be reshaped, this kit can do it.
  37. I chewed up a knife while using a Trizor XV sharpening machine and the Lansky allowed me to fix it.
  38. I have no idea why they include a bottle of oil in the kit – the instructions specifically state “Do not use oil with the diamond blocks”.
  39. And the case is a joke – it wouldn’t close without heroics, and once it’s closed I needed a prying tool to open it.
  40. The 600 grit block needs to be cleaned fairly often – depending on the job, I’ve cleaned it every two knives.
  41. Having an old toothbrush on hand helps to clear them, but you’ll eventually have to use soap and water.
  42. I wish it had a 15 degree hole for japanese-style knives.
  43. I used that sed the same as I have this one and only replaced it under the (presumably safe) assumption that this one would last longer.
  44. I’ve had this set for maybe 1 year, and the center section of the coarse stone has worn completely smooth.
  45. It’s not even one of the stones I use every other week on my kitchen knives.
  46. I run my pocket knife through the whole set monthly, and the stone didn’t last.
  47. On top of that I’ve had issues with the stones popping off of the grips.
  48. But it does show the lack in quality if the adhesive can’t even be done right.
  49. I may purchase the 1000 and 2000 stones later but for now I’m really happy with the results.
  50. I’ve ruined plenty of knives trying to sharpen with traditional methods, considering that my grandfather would get razer sharp blades by only using a simple building brick, it was a talent that I regret not picking up from him.
  51. This kit is very simple to use, the only modification I did was add a piece of tape to the clamp in order to protect the knife from getting marred.
  52. I did get better results when using the C-clap attachment.
  53. We have bought several over the last 30 years and our children can use them as well.
  54. Still have some kitchen knives that it doesn’t work on though.
  55. FYI he didn’t need this full kit but the cost was about the same for ordering some refills, so I ordered another kit.
  56. If you take your time it’s so exe to reshape your knifes edge to what ever angle you want.
Buy here $55.96

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