Madshus Ultrasonic Intelligrip Cross Country Ski White

Madshus Ultrasonic Intelligrip Cross Country Ski White

The Madshus Ultrasonic Intelligrip represents the entry into the world of lightweight, fully race-ready skis -ideal for aspiring athletes. Its sidecut makes the skis manageable, the stiffness profile ensures a dynamic running behavior.

The IntelliGrip climbing skin provides reliable grip in all snow conditions and slides low in noise.

The paulownia / carbon hybrid construction is used in the ultrasound race performance ski.

The result is an extremely lightweight torsion box ski. The Paulownia core, a fast-growing, sustainable plantation wood with fantastic weight and uniform density, is encased in carbon reinforcement for optimal lightness, stiffness and torsion, whether for fast acceleration or for full-day performance.

-Scope of delivery: without binding

-Gender: Unisex

-Page form: 44-42-43

-Weight / length: 1.150 g / 190 cm (pair)

-Base: P-Tex 2000 Electra / Intelligrip in the mid section

-Core: Paulownia Carbon Hybrid

-Fits: NNN shoes

-Fits: NIS bindings

Brand: Madshus

Madshus Intelligrip XC Ski Skins

Madshus Intelligrip XC Ski Skins

  1. Both the manufacturer and seller descriptions are a little deceiving when it comes to the description.
  2. They state its a mohair skin for a 185 cm ski, but it's really a kicker skin with a plastic leader and ski tip attachment.
  3. The plastic leader, while treated with something like skin glue did not stay attached to the ski for the 2 mile climb.
  4. The mohair section stayed attached, but it didn't do much good.
  5. They're kicker skins with the typical ski tip attachment and a length of plastic going back to the kicker skin.
  6. After break in, they glide and grip a little better than an average waxless/fishscale pattern.
  7. Some waxless skis grip better, some glide better, but I don't know of any that do both as well.
  8. Compared to Black Diamond kicker skins, these get maybe half the grip at best, but glide at least twice as fast and fit on narrower skis.
  9. These save me from having to use klister on backpacking trips where most(but not all) of the snow will be kick wax friendly.
  10. Skate out on bomber crust, kick and glide back when it softens up.
  11. I haven't had any issues with the glue not adhering, and I don't scrape my hardwax before putting the skins on.
  12. I would like it to be 5-10mm wider to accommodate a broader range of skis.
  13. I realize this would limit their usefulness on 44mm or narrower race skis, but I think touring, and backcountry touring are the best application for this product.
  14. You will wear them out really quickly on very hard, abrasive snow, like solidly frozen snowmachine trails.

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Madshus Intelligrip N150100101200

Madshus Intelligrip N150100101200

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