Marker Freeride Universal Skin Skimmer 13cm Width

Marker Freeride Universal Skin Skimmer 13cm width touring

Skiing for almost all freeride skis.

The Marker Freeride Universal Skin Skins have a length of 200cm and a width of 13cm.

They fit on almost all freeride skis.

The skins are designed to be tailored to any size.

For optimum sliding properties and firm grip, a mohair synthetic mix is ​​used. Mohair from the hair of the mountain goat offers particularly good gliding properties.

Nylon is grippier, water-repellent and more durable than mohair. Difficult slopes and heavy snow are easier to master with nylon skins. The mohair synthetic blend with medium-length pile combines the advantages of the two materials to the ideal extent? and guarantees best climbing and gliding properties in every terrain. Impragnation counteracts the formation of the cliffs.The skinning set includes the two skins with attached hooks, two Cobra tip clips, a dividing net, a fur bag and, for the right cut, a cutter knife and a template.

-Fits: almost all freeride skis.

-Gender: Unisex

-Long: 200cm

-Width: 13cm

-Material: Mohair Synthetic Mix

-Scope of delivery:

-2 skins with hooks

-2 Cobra Tip Clips

-1 separation network

-1 fur bag

-1 cutter

-1 template

Contour Skins Zuschnitt Hybrid Universal

Hybrid-Klebertechnologie bietet maximale Haftung und leichtes Handling für jeden Einsatz! Felle in Universallänge für Ski bis

Under Armour Men's Phenom 2.0 Crew (3 Pack)

Under Armour Men's Phenom 2.0 Crew (3 Pack)

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Under Armour Boys Phenom 2.0 Crew (3 Pack)

Under Armour Boys Phenom 2.0 Crew (3 Pack)

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