Marker Tour F10 Binding 85mm (Black / White / Red)

Marker Tour F10 Binding 85mm (Black / White / Red) touring

The Marker Tour F10 binding is the perfect binding for touring skiers. It has a z-value of 3-10.

The improved construction of the Tour F10 offers excellent stability with a weight of less than 1kg.

The ease of handling and the high reliability makes the ascent as easy as the descents.
-Scope of delivery: 1 pair, plates
-DIN / ISO: 3 -10
-Recommended rider weight: 30 -105 kg
-Standing high o. Ski: 36 mm
-Toe: Triple Pivot Light
-AFD sliding plate: height adjustable
-Step-In Heel: Hollow Linkage
-EPS System: X
-Weight (pair): 950g (S), 970g (L)
-Large tt> -S: 265cm -325cm -L: 305cm -365cm -Touring Brake
-The brake can be easily removed by the driver. Simply remove the screws, remove the brake and brake lever and screw the heel holder back on.

The wide footprint allows best power transfer. If necessary, commercially available lashing straps can be fastened through the hollow rivets of the heel.
-Touring Base Plate
-The wide frame construction is locked over the entire surface, which allows an optimally distributed power transmission.

Available in two different lengths.
-Climbing Aid
-The titanium climbing aid, which is easily adjustable via ski pole, can be locked in two positions at 7 ° and 13 °. Integrated Elastomer-Dampfungslemente make a more comfortable ascent, simply because the irritating "clack-noise"? canceled.
-Triple Pivot Light Toe
-The newly developed, particularly compact front jaw has a transverse spring.

Together with the sliding plate, the sliding pieces integrated in the sole holders ensure particularly accurate release behavior, comparable to all other MARKER bindings.

Why should tourers and freestylers compromise here? An aluminum bridge on the top stiffens the construction additionally, without causing unnecessary weight.
-Hollow Linkage Heel
-The heel has been redesigned from scratch to provide optimal support for all types of alpine and touring soles.

The aluminum hollow axle saves weight and maximizes torsional rigidity.

This very robust heel construction is well-grooved for the toughest of wear.
-AFD stainless steel
-All MARKER bindings are equipped with a movable AFD (anti friction device) and thus guarantee a highly accurate draw, almost unaffected by dirt, snow and ice! An individual adaptation of the AFD to the application area ensures perfect functionality? be it in racing, at childbinding, or on ski tour.
-Hollow Tech
-The fiberglass-reinforced hollow frame construction allows impressive driving stability with extremely low weight.
-Backcountry Comfort
-The patented, ergonomically shaped lever under the shoe allows a comfortable opening and closing of the binding.

The secure lever position prevents unintentional unlocking

2017 Marker F10 Tour AT Bindings

2017 Marker F10 Tour AT Bindings
  1. For those of us who love to go out and explore but don’t want a setup that’s limited to backcountry only, the Marker Tour F10 Touring Bindings are an excellent choice.
  2. The Tour F10 puts a lightweight alpine toe and heel piece together with a touring baseplate.
  3. The combination delivers solid downhill performance from a lightweight uphill setup.
  4. Marker’s Triple Pivot Light Toe is a lightweight toe piece with a horizontal spring.
  5. The toe is constructed to get the most power transmission possible from a lightweight design.
  6. The toe features a gliding AFD plate, giving you the same safety features as on-piste binding.
  7. Combine that with Marker’s new SOLE.ID technology and you can have the Tour F10 setup for alpine or AT boot norms.
  8. The Hollow Linkage heel is super lightweight, but still delivers strong downhill performance.
  9. The wide footprint of the binding allows for strong power transmission to wider skis.
  10. An easy to use lever makes it simple to switch from downhill to touring modes.
  11. Plus, the binding features a three position titanium climbing aid that can be adjusted with a pole tip.
  12. The touring baseplate is a lightweight hollow frame that Marker has stiffened for even better climbing performance.
  13. For skiers who want a lightweight touring setup with maximum versatility, the Marker Tour F10 is a strong choice.
Buy here $329.00

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    Marker Tour F10 Alpine Touring Binding

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