Micro Scooter Speed ​​ Black / Orange Scooter

From now on, with the Micro Scooter Speed ​​-you can drive your way quickly, effectively and sportily.

The handlebar height can be adjusted individually and the footboard offers you enough ground clearance.

The visual highlight is the flame tattoo design! A quiet ride at high speed is guaranteed by the embedded silicone bearings.

-Foldable scooter

-Castors: 145 mm PU

-Telescopic handlebar

-Handlebar height: 66 to 96 cm.

-Metal footboard, 37 x 12 cm

-Weight: 3.75 kg

-Age group: adults tt> -Load capacity: 100 kg

-ABEC5 ball bearings

Brand: Micro

Micro Speed+ Kick Scooter

Micro Speed+ Kick Scooter

  1. I had tried one of their other products that had the same buzzing vibration noise, so this isn't an isolated experience.
  2. They have no idea what's causing the notchy steering, and can't guarantee that a replacement will not have either issue.
  3. The steering was notchy the second I took it out of the box.
  4. I don't do stunts or tricks, just riding on city sidewalks.
  5. Disappointed in some of their representatives, they are well aware of the effort I've put into deciding which of their products is right for me.
  6. I called today frustrated and one of the reps put me on hold or mute and seemingly had no skill in diffusing my frustration.
  7. My only choice is to return and optionally repurchase, and if that proves to be the same issue or issue(s), return or repurchase yet again.
  8. UPDATE: I was able to contact someone with the authority to resolve the situation.
  9. I now have faith in the value that the company puts in their customers.
  10. I got a replacement model and I look forward to buying more models in the future.
  11. It is great for getting around the city and for having fun with the kids.
  12. It's well made, stylish and easy to fold up and take on the bus, train, or any other trip.
  13. But we returned it since I wanted the scooter with 2 wheels in the front.
  14. Has wider foot-plate which is great, but he's not that crazy about the scooter because he says the foot-plate is too low to ground, so when he goes over curbs/shifts in sidewalk in neighborhood, the underside scrapes on the concrete, which is annoying.

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2pcs 80-120mm LED Flash Light Up Wheel for Mini Micro Scooter with 2 ABEC-7 Bearings

2pcs 80-120mm LED Flash Light Up Wheel for Mini Micro Scooter with 2 ABEC-7 Bearings

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