Nike Air Force 1 Hoodie Full-Zip Men’s Sweat Jacket Golden Beige

Nike Air Force 1 Hoodie Full Zip Mens Sweat Jacket Golden Beige jackets

Inspired by the Air Force 1 sneakerness, the AF1 sweat jacket from the Nike sportswear collection originates. Recognizable by the monochrome signature AF-1 print on the back, the Nike Men’s Hoody inspires the fashion and sports world and is used in the gym, as well as in everyday life.

The coarse French terry material over the split kangaroo front pockets interrupts the uniform look.

Also on the inside of the hood you will find it again, as a trimming element to the adjustable drawstring. On the chest, the classic Nike logo including swoosh makes for a clear and easily recognizable statement -not without my NIKES.

-Men’s sweat jacket

-Hood with round-necked adjustment and French terry material trim

-Protective collar

-Central front zip in contrasting colors

-Rib finishes in ribbed material

-Reinforced hem

-Back print with vertical signature AF-1 logo

-Split kangaroo front pockets

-Soft inner life

-French terry material as pocket trim

-Embroidered Nike Breast Logo

-Fit: Regular

-Material: 80% cotton, 20%Polyester

Brand: Nike

Nike Mens Air Force 1 07 QS Basketball Shoes

Nike Mens Air Force 1 07 QS Basketball Shoes

  1. It was the first basketball shoe to house Nike Air, revolutionizing the game for players like Moses Malone and Charles Barkley while rapidly gaining traction around the world, from the hardwood to the blacktop to the core of hip-hop culture.
  2. Today the Air Force 1 stays true to its roots with soft, springy cushioning and a massive midsole, but the Nike Air technology takes a backseat to the shoe’s status as an icon.
  3. I usually take two and kind of nibble on them instead of waiting for them to dissolve.
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  5. This helps calm me down in those situations, but I also use it when I am in bed and my mind is racing.
  6. I’ve seen this same one rebranded in different bottles, but I am not sure if they were all the same price.
  7. Whenever I start to feel panicky I chew 2 of them and within minutes I feel so much better.
  8. They don’t dissolve all that great under your tongue so like I said I just chew them, they have a pleasant taste and as I said work very well.
  9. They are very inexpensive for the quality and the amount that you receive.
  10. I will be ordering more once I run out and I thank Anxiety Relief for helping me be more in control and not so out of it from other meds.
  11. I suffer from bad anxiety due to public speaking or just from being social.
  12. Whenever I know I have a presentation coming up, I start taking these a few days beforehand and the day of.
  13. I always experience anxiety symptoms from public speaking such as excessive sweating, intense heart rate, inability to focus, chest tightening, nausea, panic attacks, etc.
  14. However, these tablets have minimized my symptoms almost completely and I am able to give great presentations.
  15. Yes, I still get nervous, but it is nowhere as nerve-wracking as it used to be.
  16. I love the color and design, but the wide basketball shoe design did not look flattering on me.
  17. I just didn’t realize how wide the shoe looked until I opened the box.
  18. Without making me sleepy, it helps me calm down so I am less tense and better able to cope with challenging situations.
  19. I take the smallest thing and blow it up in my mind until I’m having an all out panic attack.
  20. I catastrophize, worry and create the most dire situations in my mind.
  21. I don’t want to take prescription medications and had tried every other homeopathic and herbal remedy out there and some may help a tad but not much or they made me too tired, headaches, etc.
  22. The image on the box caught my eye at first then I read the reviews and decided to try it.
  23. While the worries aren’t completely gone they are far enough to the back of my mind that I can function and enjoy life.
  24. I’ve never had to take more than one at a time, even at my worst.
  25. I finally own them and I’m super pleased with these exclusive sneakers, havent seen anyone with these so that’s a plus.
  26. Fits perfectly now that I’ve “broken them in”, initially it was a struggle getting my foot in.
  27. How can i forget to mention the super fast delivery, i literally got them in 2 days w/o prime!<

Buy here $10.76 – $1,450.00

NIKE Men’s Lunar Force 1 Duckboot Boot

NIKE Men's Lunar Force 1 Duckboot Boot

  1. I read a review on here before purchasing these about how the shoes slip on smooth surfaces.
  2. I was hoping it wasn’t true, but it is very much so a true statement.
  3. I was at a restaurant the other day and they had very smooth flooring, and I started to slip a little.
  4. There was also this small ramp that went down to the bar area, and I literally started to slide as I tried to walk down, as if I was on ice or something.
  5. It was a very uneasy feeling knowing I might fall walking down this small slope.
  6. They fit as expected and they are rain resistance like timberlands but light and stylish like airforce once.
  7. These shoes are perfect all year around but especially during the winter.
  8. I had been eyeing these for a little while before biting the bullet and purchasing them.
  9. They fit perfectly true to size, are very comfortable and lightweight!<
  10. At first they felt a hair too small and that they would need to be broken in, but after wearing them for a full day, they felt like the perfect size and while still a stiff shoe did not need to be broken in for comfort whatsoever.
  11. Have been wearing them for a couple of days now without any foot aches or any regrets.
  12. Looking at getting a second pair in a different color scheme!<
  13. I bought it for walking on the green trail behind my house.
  14. Was a great in the snow and even worked for my snow bicycling.
  15. But by the time i decided to do that, the price was 40% higher.
  16. I also took a walk through some muddy trails with no problems later, just rinsed off with a garden hose and looked like new, not much dirt sticks to the material.
  17. I would have given these five stars except for the fact that these shoes get slippery on certain smooth surfaces, like tile, or a wet tree stump, so be careful.
  18. They’re sturdy and stylish and don’t look like rain shoes while keeping my feet nice and dry.
  19. They’re good in slush (and probably mud though I haven’t tried) but terrible on smooth flat ground.
  20. Even on sidewalks with a reasonable amount of texture they’re very slippery and completely useless on, say, the smooth tile in a subway station.
  21. My regular old converse have far better grip than these on most normal surfaces, wet or dry.
  22. I thought perhaps this would improve with some wear, but I’ve walked close to a hundred miles in them and they’re slippery as ever.
  23. The tread is also cut deep such that if you’re coming inside from the rain, simply wiping your feet on a doormat won’t get them dry and they squeak TERRIBLY indoors if they’re just the tiniest bit wet — I end up having to use a paper towel or something to dry the tread and stop the embarrassing squeaking.
  24. Overall, good shoes, but the tread feels like it was designed more for the aesthetic of a solid grip rain boot than actually gripping anything.
  25. With that said these boots are very comfortable and stylish.
  26. I have gotten many compliments taking the train into Manhattan.
  27. The rubber front (with the small raised spikes) is great because they dont lend themselves to creases which many boots have issues with.
  28. Two months with my black ones and no noticeable creases in the front.
  29. I don’t use them everyday however I use them every time I go hiking.
  30. Its a lot of wear and tear on the shoes with the rocks I climb so I imagine if any tears or ungluing might happen I will notice soon.
  31. Although I am thinking of getting another pair for causal use.
  32. He was very happy with the style and the fit of the shoe.
  33. They fit well, they’re durable, look really good and most importantly get the job done.

Buy here $108.90 – $239.99


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