Nitro Magnum Snowboard 2017

Nitro Magnum Snowboard 2017 snowboards

The Magnum is arguably the undisputed all-mountain wide snowboard for tall riders over shoe size 45.

The wide shape of the Nitro Snowboard prevents the digging of toes and heels on deeper carves. Compared to some other wide snowboards on the market, the Magnum is just as good as "normal" boards and is therefore not so bulky.

The new cam-out camber has only a slight preload and forgives therefore also rough carvers, but still has a very good edge hold and maneuvering precision. The Powerlite Core with a darker Reflex core profile in the middle is reinforced on both sides with biaxial fiberglass, so it can do a lot and offers a long-lasting and balanced flex.

The wide range of use of the Nitro Magnum makes it a snowboard that feels very comfortable in any terrain from the park over the slopes to the deep snow.
-Application: All Mountain
-Flex: 7/10
-Shape: Directional / Wide
-Binding assembly: 2×4 inserts
-Core: Powerlite Core
-This ultra-light and specially selected poplar wood core provides a perfect run with plenty of pop and unmatched stability and low weight.
-Base: Sintered Speed ​​Formula HD
> -Absolute precision, high degree of hardness, long life and maximum speed! By using a new material, Nitro has succeeded in wearing it down. to reduce, to increase the wax absorption and thus to achieve a higher speed on snow.

All packaged in an ultra-clear base that lets the graphics shine through even better.
-Fiberglass: Bi-Lite Laminates
-Biaxial fiberglass for forgiving flex and effortless turns.

Nitro’s fielded bi-lite fiberglass has been designed for unmatched strength, style and board feel.
-Sidecut: Progressive
-Allow easy and fast turn initiation with enough energy for the next trick.
-Construction: Cam-Out Camber
-The camber with slightly positive bias and flat center base offers incomparable pop and optimal edge pressure without blending.
Average width:
-27.3cm (159cm)
-27.4cm (161cm)
-27.4cm (165cm)
-27.8cm (168cm)
-27th9cm (171cm)
Rider weight:
-65-85kg -(159cm)
-70kg -(162cm)
-75kg -(165cm)
-75kg -(168cm)
-75kg -(171cm)

Nitro 2018 Magnum Snowboard Review

2018 Nitro Magnum Wide Snowboard Review You Won´t Believe It´s A Wide Snowboard! A large foot should not be a limitation to

Mons Royale Unisex Magnum Mitts

Mons Royale Unisex Magnum Mitts
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