Nitro Pantera Snowboard 2017

Nitro Pantera Snowboard 2017 snowboards

Nitro without Pantera would be like winter without snow, and that is exactly why the legacy will continue in the 2017 season.

The All Mountain Snowboard has become iconic and the first choice for riders who want a powerful board with preload.

The Pantera can drive effortlessly and the edge change goes almost by itself.

The structure of the Nitro Pantera consists of the very light Powerlite poplar wood core which is reinforced with triaxial fiberglass and a continuous carbon band. Thus, the Pantera gets its torsional rigidity and its long-lasting flex.

All other features are listed in the specs below.

Last but not least, to say that the Pantera benefits from the years of development and is an absolute top snowboard in the freeride sector.
-Application: All Mountain
-Shape: Directional / Tapered
-Flex: 8/10
-Binding assembly: 2×4 inserts
-Construction: True Camber
-The True Camber offers stability at higher speeds that many shredders do not want to miss.

The power of snap and ollie pop that you get from a preloaded board is unbeaten compared to other pretension concepts. If you want to accelerate and want to go high, bias is irreplaceable.
-Core: Powerlite Core
-This ultra-light and specially selected poplar wood core provides a perfect run with plenty of pop and unmatched stability and low weight.
-Profile: Reflex Core
-A thinner board profile between the bindings enhances the torsional flex and allows you to turn your board extremely easily.
-Base: Sintered Speed ​​Formula II
> -Only for speed freaks! A nanotech wax formula is poured deep into the molecular mass of the sintered surfacing material and makes it lightning fast, whatever the snow conditions. Sophisticated and damn resistant.
-Fiberglass: Tri-Lite Laminates:
-The perfect blend of flex and torsion control.

A NITRO tuned TRI-LITE fiberglass running in three directions in the board makes it agile and reliable on the edges.
-Sidecut: Progressive
-Allow easy and fast turn initiation with enough energy for the next turn or trick.
-Construction element: Diamond Band:
-The Diamond Carbon reinforcements are extremelyuring and very light.

The tip-to-tail insoles pass on the driver’s impulses without loss and help you to control the board with precision. Average width:
-25.5cm (160cm)
-25.7cm (163cm)
-27.1cm (163cm) Wide
-27.2cm (166cm) Wide
-27th1cm (169cm) Wide
-27.0cm (178cm) Wide
Rider Weight:
-60-80kg (160cm)
-65-85kg (163cm)
-65-85kg (163cm) Wide
-70kg -(166cm) Wide
-75kg -(169cm) Wide
-80kg -(178cm) Wide
Note: The board has a Color Rotation Base (tread) and may differ from the illustration !! This means that the color arrangements on the tread can vary!

2017 Nitro Pantera Snowboard Review

2017 Nitro Pantera Snowboard Review This all mountain snowboard has been an icon in the snowboard world for years because of

Nitro Prime Snowboard Mens

Nitro Prime Snowboard Mens
  1. It has a hybrid flat profile, a lightweight yet strong core, and a medium flex that makes it a versatile all-mountain machine that’s fun to ride for everyone from beginners to seasoned veterans on tight budgets.
  2. The Flat Out Rocker profile is flat for a stable and forgiving feel that still retains much of the pop and edge hold as a cambered board, while its early rise at the tips keep you from catching an edge when you’re mastering carves and spins off side hits.
  3. A Premium Extruded FH base makes repairs easy, which is good because you’re most likely going to rack up a few dings as you progress.
  4. This review is focused on the general performance on groomed trails.
  5. I purchased this snowboard in early January 2018 (163 cm) and used it for about 5 hours at Alpine Valley Resort in Wisconsin.
  6. Coming from a camber board, I initially didn’t notice much of a difference.
  7. After a few runs, I started to notice that I felt less likely that I would catch an edge than my prior camber snowboard.
  8. I also liked the flex of this snowboard which is rated as “5” but felt a little more flexible than this rating 3 or 4 in my opinion.
  9. I would highly recommend this snowboard, especially for the price.
Buy here $239.96 – $254.96

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