Nitro Team Gullwing Exposure Wide Snowboard 2017

Nitro Team Gullwing Exposure Wide Snowboard 2017 snowboards

The wide version of Nitro’s Team Exposure, for riders on the big foot.


As the name already betrays, Team Gullwing is one of the most popular snowboards in the Nitro Team.

That does not happen, because of the versatile Gullwing camber, the board gets on really well in any terrain. In the middle of the board there is a rocker profile, in the binding area there are camber zones with pre-tension which leak out in nose and tail rocker. Thanks to the hybrid concept you get reliable edge hold on the slopes, a playful ride in the park and bold buoyancy in deep snow.

The Gullwing team also stands out with its poplar wood core reinforced with biaxial fiberglass, as the heart piece gives the snowboard its torsional rigidity and its lively flex.
-Application: All Terrain Freestyle
-Shape: Directional Twin
-Flex: 7/10
-Construction: Gullwing Rocker Camber
-Binding assembly: 2×4 inserts
-Core: Powerlite Core
-This ultra-light and specially selected poplar wood core provides a perfect run with plenty of pop and unmatched stability and low weight.
-Profile: Reflex Core Profile
-A thinner board profile between the bindings improves the torsional flex and allows you to turn your board extremely easily.
-Base: Sintered Speed ​​Formula HD
> -Absolute precision? High degree of hardness? Long lifetime ? Maximum speed. By using a new material, Nitro has succeeded in wearing it down. to reduce, to increase the wax absorption and thus to achieve a higher speed on snow.

All packaged in an ultra-clear base that lets the graphics shine through even better.
-Fiberglass: Bi-Lite Laminates
-Biaxial fiberglass for a long-lasting flex and effortless turns. Nitro’s field-tested bi-lite fiberglass has been designed for unmatched strength, style and board feel.
-Sidecut: Dual-degressive
-Effortless jumps and landings without sacrificing powerful turns.
-Construction: Gullwing Rocker
-The ultimate combination of forgiving drivability and control in every terrain.

The Gullwing Rocker by Nitro combines the advantages of positive and negative bias in one board. Thus, you get reliable edge hold on the slopes, a playful ride in the park and bold buoyancy in deep snow.
Middle width -26.6cm (159cm) Wide
-27.0cm (162cm) Wide
Rider Weight -65-85kg (159cm) Wide
-Kg (162cm) Wide

2017 Nitro Team Snowboard Review

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Nitro Team Exposure Gullwing Snowboard

Nitro Team Exposure Gullwing Snowboard
  1. The only way to upgrade our most popular, versatile, and reliable Gullwing Rocker snowboard is to add some amazing artwork by our world-renown photographer Lorenz Holder, who created a graphic series that captures the passion of catching and showcasing the moment.
  2. He has projected these images onto the top sheet graphic by using the old school technique of Sun Printing (using the sun to develop the image).
  3. Snowboarding on the Team Exposure board is the same way; it is the perfect shred stick to use your imagination and experience the best moments life has to offer.
Buy here $430.00 – $512.96

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