Nitro Team TLS Snowboard Boats Charcoal / Chocolate

Nitro Team TLS Snowboard Boats Charcoal / Chocolate snowboard boots

Nitro’s TLS Team is an all-round, medium-stiff flex range and is designed for riders looking for a firmer and comfortable snowboard boot.

The sole of the Team TLS consists of a midsole made of EVA which reduces weight and the robust Vibram Icetrek sole, which gives you very good grip and prevents tiredness. In addition, the boat is steamed over the air cushion in the heel. The externally windable Cloud 9 liner is equipped with a body-reflective film on the sole and can of course be adjusted to the foot by baking.

For uncomplicated operation of the Team TLS, the two zones high-speed system, which facilitates the entry and exit noticeably and saves you precious time and power.
-Flex: 8/10 -Stiff
-Application: All Mountain
-Upper: Leather Synthetic
-Lining: Textile
br4> -Outer shoe:
-TLS 5 TWIN LACING -2 zone high-speed system
-DYNEEMA LACES -for less friction and better mechanism
-TLS LACE HANDLES -preformed cord handles
-ARMORED SPINE -3D Shaped Heel
-FLEX LINK DESIGN -flexible connection between upper shaft and lower clamping area
-BAIL OUT SYSTEM -open the boat with a simple jerkat the pull tab
-Pull tab on laces and shank
-CLOUD 9 LINER -Thermoformable with Thermacell material
-NEW RE / LACE LINER LOCKER -Tightening the liner while boot tulle is cuffed
-ILS LINER LACING -Cord cuff fixes the inside of the outer boot
-Integrated HEEL PANELS for heel stop
-CLUTCH TONGUE for easy on and off
-Steaming TRIPLE DENSITY footbed with Airpad
-POWER STRAP for tight fit on the shaft
-D30 DAMPENING -Intelligent material that absorbs energy bounces bumps
-Outer sole and insole:
-EVA MIDSOLE -steaming midsole with thermal insulation
-Shock absorbing AIR DAMPENING technology
-THERMINATOR SHIELD -Thermo-layer between sole liner
-Shock absorbing inserts
-Refined profiling of the outsole

Brand: Nitro

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