Nomad Topaz 30L

Nomad daypack with top cover and breathable AVS back system, model Topaz 30.
- Perfect fit
- Moisturing back system
- 2 side pockets for water bottles
- Walking anchorages
- Compartment for camelbag
- Hidden compartment in lid
The daypack for the adventurous hiker, has been given a new coat this year. Besides the familiar 20 liters, this year also 30 liters. Thanks to the advanced AVS back system, the weight is well distributed over the body, the ergonomically shaped shoulder and hip pads ensure a perfect fit and ditto for comfort, all day. Aircomfort mesh and provide breathing space for proper ventilation of the back, as is perspiration prevent heat build-up and on the go, you do not always “come in “. Thanks to the slim shape of the daypack load remains close to your center of gravity and not swinging the backpack bothersome back and forth, so you will be less tired. For the entire backpack strong, but lightweight materials are used. The lid houses a large box that is accessible via a zipper on the back from the outside, on the inside of the lid is an extra pocket with zipper. The bag also has a special box for a water suspension. Finally, the integrated rain cover, fitted with reflective logo, result in bad weather.
Features Nomad Topaz 30:
- Material: 330D Nylon Diamond Ripstop, 450D Polyester Lightweight
- Dimensions: 25 x 30 x 53cm
- Capacity: 30 L
- Back system: Advanced AVS
- Weight: 1,300 g

topaz image

Brand Name: Nomad

Nomad 65 on tracks in Saudi

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