Oakley Flight Deck Snowboard Goggles Hazard Bar Ice Slate / Prizm Sapphire

Oakley Flight Deck Snowboard Goggles Hazard Bar Ice Slate / Prizm Sapphire goggles

The mirrored Oakley Flight Deck is a snowboard frame with a frameless design for an extra wide panoramic view and is equipped with an even larger glass than the Flight Deck XM.

The three-layer foam with fleece ensures a comfortable fit even after hours in the powder.

For anti-fog and best visibility, the goggles are equipped with a ventilation channel and an anti-fog coating. With a transmission rate between 8 and 18%, the glass is suitable for bright sunshine because only little radiation is transmitted through the glass. Protection level 3 is the second highest level in the Oakley classification.

The mirroring contributes to the protection of the eyes. It goes without saying that the Flight Deck is 100% UV-safe.

The blue-white eyeglass strap matches the blue glass and is lined with silicone, so that the strap is non-slip on the helmet.
-Mirrored goggles
-Frame: Hazard Bar Ice Slate
-Glass: Prizm Sapphire Iridium
-Protection level 3
-Translucency: 8-18%
-Suitable for bright sunshine
-Iridium coating -reduction of glare and contrast enhancement
-Ridgelock technology -easy glass replacement with secure sealing of the glaziers
-High Definition Optics -crystal clear view
-100% UV protection
-Lightweight polycarbonate frame
-Anti-fog double disc
-Eyeglass vent duct
-Three-layer polar fleece foam
-Helmet compatible
-Frameless design for more all-round visibility
-Wide strap with silicone print for non-slip helmet fit
-Suitable for medium to large faces
-Over The Glasses: Fits Most Optical Eyewear
-Including microfiber sack

Amazon Prime Free Trial –Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles

Amazon Prime Free Trial
--Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles
  1. Peripheral and downward vision are wide open for spotting challenges and dangers and the interchangeable lens system lets you adapt to whatever the sky dishes out.
  2. The rimless design has wide-ranging helmet compatibility plus the comfort of minimized frame mass and it meets ANSI Z87.1 standards for impact resistance.
  3. With clean style and a field of view that’s unparalleled, this is the ace of snow goggles.
  4. I’ve been skiing since the early 1990s, and in all those years I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cooler looking ski goggle.
  5. Of all the products in the Oakley line, I think this is the best looking goggle they make.
  6. When you’re wearing them you kind of look like something out of Star Wars, and you’ll definitely stand out from the other skiers/boarders on the mountain.
  7. But style means nothing if they don’t deliver on performance, and these definitely deliver big time.
  8. I bought these goggles because my previous “fog-free” goggles just didn’t cut it.
  9. In addition, they are extremely comfortable, even over the eyeglasses I wear when skiing.
  10. The extra wide lens offer great peripheral vision (although I lose a little because of my strong prescription eyeglasses).
  11. If you’re going to purchase these goggles, I highly recommend spending the extra coin and getting the Prizm lenses.They offer clarity in a greater variety of light conditions than the standard lenses.
  12. I got mine in the Black Iridium, which is ideal for brighter conditions, but served me well in overcast conditions as well.
  13. For this coming season I might get a Rose lens (lens are interchangeable) for snow and extreme low light conditions.
  14. I should add that the photo of the Black Iridium makes the outside of the lens look white, but in reality it is a highly polished mirror surface (which looks uber-cool when on the slopes).
  15. Two hundred bucks is a fair chunk of change to spend for a pair of goggles, especially when you can get a cheap pair for a fraction of the cost.
  16. These goggles are extremely high quality, and they offer unsurpassed field of vision, clarity, and fog-resistance.
  17. If they’re in your price range, I highly recommend them.
  18. I was THOROUGHLY impressed when I hit a fat branch doing some hard backwoods ridding and came to find there was not a scratch on the googles.
  19. PRIZM – honestly don’t know if this is a gimmick or not, still can’t tell.
  20. Wish there strap was hinged so it could move with your helmet/head better.
  21. In the middle of a snowy wind storm, the goggles literally froze over leaving a thick sheet of ice on the front completely blocking my vision (happened to my friend sitting next to me as well, same goggles).
  22. Overall, great quality in terms of durability and looks.
  23. I don’t understend how this thing can be happend, two models shap is totally different and price gap is huge.
  24. Provides clarity and eliminates flat light on slight downward sloping runs , highlighting hard to see uneven terrain.
  25. I had a lot of people ask me about it, and where I got it.
  26. It is easy to put on, and the view is spectacular when you try to look at the sun directly.
  27. The color of the goggle is just great, and goes well with a lot of different color outfits.
  28. The elastic adjustment is easy, and it fits almost all different types of heads.
  29. I fell a lot during my first run, and these goggles can take a lot of beating.
  30. The fit is great for my face and the visibility/field of view is definitely the best out there right now.
  31. I tried the Smith I/O, but the nose bridge did not fit at all for some reason and had a huge gap.
  32. Oakley on the other hand have their nose padding designed differently and it’s much better.
  33. The only con I can say is that this only comes with a single lens compared to the other top end models from other brands.
  34. Great peripherals, comfortable fit and had zero issues with fogging even with a balaclava on.
  35. If you want a slim profile goggle, you probably want to pick another option.
  36. The color of lens is not like what the picture shows, and I took it to the oakley store to compare with the same mode.
  37. PSA for women: definitely a men’s goggle; a bit oversized, but still a great fit!<
Buy here $150.00

Amazon Prime Free Trial –Oakley Flight Deck XM Snow Goggles

Amazon Prime Free Trial
--Oakley Flight Deck XM Snow Goggles
  1. The XM model fits my face better than the gigantic “Flight Deck”, even if I don’t have very small face.
  2. The goggles are well built although lens change is not as quick as some competitors (Spy, Dragon, Anon all have faster lens change systems).
  3. I bought my goggles with the Hi Pink Prizm lens which is the best Oakley lens for low light flatout days and bought an extra Prizm Jade lens for sunnier days.
  4. The field of vision is good, there are no reflections from the lenses towards inside like on some goggles and overall the rimless design looks really cool.
  5. I see many people complaining here that the lenses are not really blue or green, but pink instead.
  6. Do understand that the most of the lenses on the market seem actually pink or orange when you look through them.
  7. See the attached photos for Prizm Hi Pink and Prizm Jade lenses on me (I’m wearing a large size Bolle B-style helmet that has seen better times).
  8. It seems technology just keeps increasing and these make that fact clear.
  9. They are such a step above all other goggles we’ve ever tried.
  10. Your friends will take pictures of themselves reflected from your lens.
  11. Only thing is I felt like delicately handling the goggles so I keep the inside of the lens untouched to maintain the “anti-fog” film.
  12. It is wide open to contact so initially I felt afraid to freely wail them around, but luckily I found out early that the lens holds up well to normal movement and will be good during typical wear and tear.
  13. I honestly believe they are a safety device as they allow you to see so much more with their huge field of view and clarity.
  14. I went back to the Rose for overcast days, which also work for me if the sun comes out.
  15. My girlfriend is fine with the hi-pink though and they are a bit better for very low light overcast/tree skiing days – just go with Rose if you have any light sensitivity.
  16. The red/blue/green/black lenses are all excellent and just preference.
  17. I could see everything very clearly, they were extremely comfortable, and most importantly (to me), any fog I would get cleared up almost instantly.
  18. I had my mom struggle with fog, and while they couldn’t see sometimes due to low visibility I was able to lead them down the mountain.
  19. Hasn’t fogged at all and the fit is comfortable with great peripheral vision.
  20. They are comfortable and the contrast in the snow is perfection.
  21. Not only did I receive the wrong product, but it was a little used.
Buy here $209.90

Oakley Flight Deck Unboxing

In this video I unbox the Oakley Flight Deck Snow Goggles. These goggles came with the Sapphhire Iridium lens. It also happens to

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