Oakley Line Miner Snowboard Goggles Matte White / Prizm Rose

Oakley Line Miner Snowboard Goggles Matte White / Prizm Rose goggles

If it does not really get light on the mountain, dense snow or fog determines your day, or if it just dammers or even dammers, you need a ski goggles with a disk with high permeability.

The Oakley Line Miner comes with Prizm Rose glass to meet those exact requirements. It is super light and unbreakable and also has a lot to offer in terms of peripheral vision, because it fits extra close to the face so you can better and better identify potential obstacles in the corner of your eye and under you. With a transmission rate between 18 and 43%, the glass is suitable for poor visibility such as in fog and snowfall or in the damming, because it is very much radiation through the lens. Protection level 2 is the second lowest level in the Oakley classification. Underpinning the goggles is only slightly mirrored. It goes without saying that the Line Miner is 100% UV-safe.

The white eyeglass strap with a black Oakley logo matches the white frame and is lined with silicone so that it sits non-slip on the helmet.
-Mirrored goggles
-Frame: Matte White
-Glass: Prizm Rose Iridium
-Protection level 2
-Translucency: 18-43%
-Suitable for poor visibility
-Iridium coating -reduction of glare and contrast enhancement
-Switchlock technology -easy glass replacement
-High Definition Optics -crystal clear view
-100% UV protection
-Lightweight polycarbonate frame
-Anti-fog double disc
-Eyeglass vent duct
-Three-layer polar fleece foam
-Helmet compatible
-Wide strap with silicone print for non-slip helmet fit
-OTG -Over The Glasses -Fits Most Optical Eyewear
-Including microfiber sack

Brand: Oakley

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