Oakley Tincan Cap White / Gray

Oakley Tincan Cap White / Gray caps

Oakley’s white Tincan Cap features a sturdy silver-gray logo on the front, which absorbs moisture thanks to the internal sweatband on the inside. In addition, the panels are provided with air holes, so you always keep a cool head.
-Stretch -Fitted Cap
-2 stable front panels
-Curved roof
-6 stitching on the screen
-White screen base
-Air holes in the panels
-Material: 96% Polyester / 4% Elastane
-Stable logo on the front
-Embroidered Oakley lettering black on the back

Brand: Oakley

Oakley Men’s Golf Ellipse Hat

Oakley Men's Golf Ellipse Hat
  1. Made with breathable polyester that blocks out the sun’s harmful rays, this hat is an essential accessory from fairway to green.
  2. I’ve had an Oakley hat made of the same material for years and have washed (in the dishwasher) many times to have it look new again.
  3. These are the same material, which I love, however, they are very deep.
  4. I prefer my hats not to press against my ears and swallow my forehead.
  5. I have ordered the black and stone grey, both with the same fit.
  6. So it is likely a preference on how you like your hats to fit as to whether these would be a good had for you.
  7. But as I said, the material is fantastic and has stood the test of time for me.
  8. Overall a good hat, just be mindful that it may sit big on you.
  9. However the hat has a higher crown (looks lower in the pictures) than I care for.
  10. This in turn makes me have to pull the hat down more which makes it hard to wear my Oakley sunglasses.
Buy here $19.81

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