Oakley Triggerman Sunglasses Polished Black (PRIZM Daily P

Oakley Triggerman Sunglasses Polished Black (PRIZM Daily P sunglasses

With this Oakley sunglasses, you literally become a real trigerman! Be a guy who tackles where style is not the of the broom and where health plays at least as big a role as the well-toned body. Your new Oakley glasses will help you with all this! Created to do great things, thanks to Three-Point Fit, she sits securely and without pressure sores on her face.

Nosepads and Earsocks made of Unobtainium let the lightweight summer goggles cling tightly, even if you have the sweat? over his face. The Oakley Triggerman men's goggle has a split frame look and textured brow incorporating a metallic Oakley icon.

The special know-how is also to be found at the bottom edge of the ball.

There sits a metal screw, which makes the sunglasses even more pithy and at the same time missed an industrial design! Thanks to naturally protecting Plutonite lenses in the color PRIZM Daily Polarized, which have a light transmittance of 14%, your eyes are optimally protected against moderate to high solar radiation. Special feature here is the enclosed in the glass Polarized filter and the new PRIZM technology.

These features reduce 99% of all glare effects and increase contrast for an even sharper view. So the summer glasses can be used perfectly in changing light conditions.

Also UVA, B and C rays and harmful blue light up to 400nm have no chance! -Segment: Performance Lifestyle

-Light weight

-Pressure-free Oakley Three-Point Fit

-Frame material: O-Matter

-Divided frame optics with metal screws on the lower edge of the spectacle

-Lens Color: PRIZM Daily Polarized (Base Color: Gray)

-POLARIZED -reduces glare effects -PRIZM -enhances contrasts and cleans the view

-Plutonite lenses with 14% transmittance True to color

-Suitable for changing lighting conditions

-Narrow, structuredBauble with Oakley Metal Logo

-Including microbag

-100% UVA, UVB, UVC protected

-Filters harmful blue light up to 400nm

-Glass width: 59mm

-Bridge width: 20mm

-Lens height: 39mm

-Bugellange: 137mm

Oakley Men's Triggerman Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses

Oakley Men's Triggerman Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses

  1. Triggerman was inspired by the x metal madman and bad man design language and rendered in our lightweight O matter frame material.
  2. A two-part center frame includes separate components to enable unique color and graphic applications.
  3. The tungsten iridium lenses are ideal for all light conditions, including dusk and low light.
  4. They cut glare and make details pop, no matter how bright it is outside.
  5. I'm looking forward to taking them on the water with me come spring, and have no doubt that they will keep me from squinting too much in the coming frozen months.
  6. The lenses look dark brown almost black and are some what reflective, when looking through them they yield a soft light brown tint which is pretty nice.
  7. The triggerman is a bit more "dressier" than the other two, so I can wear these with a suit or more formal attire.
  8. The clarity with the prizm polarized lens is awesome; easy on the eyes with a lightweight frame.
  9. Lenses have a green tint when looking through any part other than the centre.
  10. I owned Oakleys when in high school and then in college and they were very strong and durable.
  11. The most comfortable shades I've ever worn and look great.

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Oakley Men's Triggerman OO9266 Non-Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses

Oakley Men's Triggerman OO9266 Non-Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses

  1. Oakley really hit it out of the park with this pair of sunglasses.
  2. Lightweight, very comfortable, great protection, and I love the look and style.
  3. The Ruby Iridium lenses are a blueish tint that look bright(maybe clear or contrasty(I know that;s not a word but you know what I mean) are better words), not dark like the Black Iridium.
  4. I've owned many Oakley's and other brands and these are definitely my all time favorite.
  5. They are very comfortable and the ruby iridium lens looks great on the polished black frames.
  6. I have a pretty big noggin and I have no problem wearing these sunglasses.
  7. If you're not familiar with ruby iridium lenses, they brighten everything up when you look through them but they don't cause you to squint.
  8. This lens is also great for eye protection while shooting or target practice.
  9. They are wide thou, so if you have a narrow face such as I do they feel like they are to big.
  10. They haven't fallen off my face or anything, just don't feel that secureon my face , so u only wear them then I'm going out on the town for the day.
  11. If you have a wider face I would highly recommend them.
  12. These hug the contour of your face/eye structure making them feel like they aren't even on.
  13. Extremely comfortable, very light in weight and good retention on the head.
  14. They look good & they're light weight, but the lenses have a rainbow / oily effect on everything you look at.
  15. All I wear are Oakley's & these are not to the typical standard that Oakley delivers.
  16. I have been wearing the Oakley Turbine for about 18 months and these are a more sophisticated version of the "bigger, more wrap around" type glasses.
  17. The 2 screws below to remove lenses were rounded and thus unable to be removed.

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