Oakley Turbine Sunglasses Polished Black (PRIZM Shallow H2

Oakley Turbine Sunglasses Polished Black (PRIZM Shallow H2 sunglasses

For all water sports enthusiasts, here comes the Oakley Turbine Men's Bride with smart PRIZM Shallow H2O Polarized lenses! Perfectly attuned to the conditions of shallow water, the PRIM POLARIZED technology incorporated in the lens cleans the vision, reduces 99% of all glare effects and enhances contrasts to make things easier to recognize.

The black-polished frame was designed from lightweight O-Matter and reinforced with Unobtainium inserts on the nose bridge and the balls. These cause the sticking of your summer glasses when sweaty, so that it can not easily slip off your face.

The sporty design of the sun glasses you can use not only when fishing.

-Segment: Fishing-Water Sports, Lifestyle

-Suitable for flat, light water surfaces of water

-PRIZM -cleans the sight increases contrasts, especially suitable for various sports.

-POLARIZED -reduces glare effects -Oakley Three-Point Fit

-Frame material: O-Matter

-Light weight

-Sporty frame design

-Lens Color: PRIZM Shallow Water Polarized (Base Color: Gray)

-Plutonite lenses with 21% light transmittance

-Suitable forchanging light relations

-Nosepads Earsocks from Unobtainium

-Textured bauble with Oakley Icon

-100% UVA, UVB, UVC protected

-Filters harmful blue light up to 400nm

-Including microbag

-Glass width: 63mm

-Bridge width: 17mm

-Lens height: 42mm

-Bugellange: 133mm

Brand: Oakley

Oakley Men's OO9307 Turbine Rotor Prism Sunglasses Polarised

Oakley Men's OO9307 Turbine Rotor Prism Sunglasses Polarised

  1. I thought it was all marketing blah blah but boy, they are right about the clarity of these glasses.
  2. There is a tinge of purple-pink-brown that took my eyes a short while to get used to.
  3. But I love the design of this Oakley (my first ever Oakley glasses!) and the Prizm mirror lens is simply beautiful.
  4. If shield lenses are a good fit/style for you then I highly recommend them.
  5. However the design is off, the single lense insted of 2 lets moisture pool and create a fog on the lense for me, i had to return them flr rhe dual lense version which i love.
  6. But everything in the description and title is misleading.
  7. Now the title of the review in my email is asking me to review my “Polarized” sunglasses when they are in fact not polarized and the description in the order comes up as Non-polarized even through they say these are polarized.
  8. Problem is the frame seem to run too large for me and seem to be slipping off.
  9. Found my pair for life, perfect fit, lightweight, the tungsten lenses give immense definitions in all light conditions.

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Oakley Men's Turbine OO9263-05 Iridium Rectangular Sunglasses

Oakley Men's Turbine OO9263-05 Iridium Rectangular Sunglasses

  1. This frame as clean lines and is lightweight and comfortable.
  2. The sunglasses feature integrated Unobtainium stem designs with the Unobtainium flowing through the temples.
  3. O Matter frame material is durable and comfortable for all day wear.
  4. Dual lens polaric ellipsoid lens geometry offers enhanced coverage and visibility.Plutonite lens material filters out 100%UV(ABC) and harmful blue light up to 400nm.Maximum clarity at all angles of vision with patented XYZ optics.Fits - Medium to Large faces.
  5. They are crystal-clear and they seem like they are going to be durable.
  6. Make no mistake, the lenses are big but that translates to excellent coverage from all sides and angles.
  7. The other cool thing about these glasses is you can change the Oakley icon to suit your taste or individuality.
  8. They are very comfortable and stay on my face pretty well even when sweating.
  9. I highly recommend these glasses for someone with a larger face!<
  10. The sides are flexible and it is very durable as tested by my one year old niece.

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Oakley Turbine Polished Black Prizm Polarized Glasses


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