Oneill Insert Racer Men’s Swim Trunks Black Out

Oneill Insert Racer Mens Swim Trunks Black Out swimwear

The swimwear from the Californian brand Oneill provides you with the best for water sports.

The tight fit allows for fast speeds and ensures a great performance.

The black pants pervades a stripe design in gray and white.

This looks totally sporty and gives you a great look.

-Men’s swimming trunks

-Fit: Racer

-Small logo patch


-Tie ribbon on the waistband

-Short leg closure

-Material: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane

Brand: ONeill

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ECCO Men’s Biom Fjuel Racer Sneaker

ECCO Men's Biom Fjuel Racer Sneaker

  1. BIOM technology ensures a perfect fit and optimum cushioning.
  2. A project that would see the dawn of an entirely new shoe technology.
  3. BIOM stands for ‘BIOMechanical optimization.’ The technology enhances the foot’s ability to move more naturally- like barefoot running.
  4. The technology is developed to guide your feet to activate their systems for shock absorption and motion.
  5. BIOM Shoes are characterized by reduced seam construction, a glove-like fit and enhanced stability on uneven terrain.
  6. This, combined with soft and durable ECCO leathers, or bonded textile uppers results in a glove like fit.
  7. It allows you to train with barefoot ease and efficiency, and supports your leg muscles while you exercise.
  8. Today they own and operate factories throughout Europe and Asia.
  9. They produce all the leather used in making Ecco shoes, taking measures to protect the environment at the same time.
  10. I even saw someone in the Q&A section say they have no arch support or cushion for the ball of foot and are uncomfortable.
  11. That makes no sense to me, b/c I love these shoes b/c they DO have incredible arch support–I have very high arches, and these actually cup my arches beautifully and adapt as I walk.
  12. The arch support feels very adaptive and would probably work really well for flat feet as well.
  13. They are also wonderfully cushioned in the ball of foot.
  14. I’ve been having such a hard time finding shoes for my high arches b/c I get horrible foot pain, especially when standing still.
  15. A lot of running/walking shoes by big brand I’ve tried feel great when in motion but when I stand still my feet start to hurt.
  16. These are PERFECT and have finally solved my foot pain issues even while standing still.
  17. I don’t agree that they’re narrow–my toes are not squished at all.
  18. They have a perfect, snug fit and the cushioning in these is incredible, feels like walking on an air mattress.
  19. Also if you don’t like the orange laces they come with black ones.
  20. These are the most comfortable shoes you will ever own.
  21. They support your feet in all the right places and hold up very well over time.
  22. Only knock is the rubberized material on the tongue that seems like it will wear or tear prematurely.
  23. Very comfortable in the gym as well as knocking around a very-hot city with sweltering sidewalks!
  24. I have bought other high end brands but none last as long or wear as well as Ecco.
  25. Another thing about Ecco is that it doesn’t matter which style of shoe I buy, from work boots to sneakers, size 42 always fits.
  26. We had tried on all brands of sports shoes and could not find one pair that fit properly for his feet.
  27. They are comfortable and with Ecco, we know they will last a long time.
  28. When my trusty ECCO Biom’s were worn well beyond their lifetime, I finally replaced them with these Fjuel Racer sneakers.
  29. As I have come to expect from ECCO, they fit perfectly.
  30. Very comfortable cushion on the sole but not without giving up any support.
  31. I use these for tennis and they are simply a spectacular shoe.
  32. You can’t go wrong with ECCO for Golf, Sport and Dress shoes – they are simply the best!<
  33. I had not tried on ECCO shoes in a while but my recollection was that they were generous in width.
  34. I am a senior and walk a minimum of 100
    miles a month.
  35. I have bought ecco shoes and boots for years but these do not compare with others I have had.

Buy here $86.77 – $200.00

Adidas Neo Men’s Cloudfoam Super Racer Running Shoe

adidas Neo Men's Cloudfoam Super Racer Running Shoe

  1. Outsole cutouts flash a peek at the cloudfoam cushioning that delivers unmatched comfort.
  2. The one downside is that if you get them dusty the dust can stick to the underside of the plastic reinforcement around the laces leaving them looking permanently dirty up there.
  3. I wanted to replace my old blue floral/black ZX Flux, but its hard to find new pairs in my size.
  4. Not why I bought them but it reinforced my purchase decision.

Buy here $49.90 – $122.50


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