Picture Track Pant Men’s Snowboard Pants Dark Green

Picture Track Pant Mens Snowboard Pants Dark Green Ski Snowboard Pants

Expedition Line, the meaning of this collection, which feels the Track Pant belongs, is probably obvious! Nevertheless, we would like to bring you closer to the incredible features and features of these men's snowboard pants.

Let's start with the 20K water column and the 15K breathability: you want more? Aah, Sorry! This technical highlight takes care of you all around with warmth, drought and protection and looks damned good. Leg zips to breathe are missing as little as an elastic snow guard, which you on the rise with your splitboard under no circumstances cut off the air.

The special feature of the Picture Track Pant is in the detail.

The R-PET membrane in combination with DRYPLAY is almost impossible to kill and provides you with proper care for many years a faithful cooperation. In addition, the seams are 100% sealed, two handwarmer pockets with watertight zippers and ventilation zips, so that a cooling down is possible at any time. And what would PICTURE be if they did not produce according to their motto? That is why the winter pants also carry the Bluesign seal of approval for particularly sustainable production and shine with 64% recycled polyester as well as demonstrably environmentally friendly production.

-Men's snowboard pants

-Expedition Collection

-High-necked, elastic snow skirt

-Belt loops

-2 large hand warm bags

-Liftpass band

-Waterproof YKK zippers with gradient

-Ventilation zipper on inner thighs

-Reinforced, adjustable hem

-Leg snow catcher

-100% bonded seam


-I-Fit system: drawstring in the pocket to regulate the hem

-DWR coating onUpper material

-Various logo prints


-Buesign Seal

-Heat level: 5/10

-Coremax feed

-Fit: Medium Fit

-Water column: 20.000 mm

-Breathability: 15,000 g / m2

-Material: 100% polyester

Brand: Picture

Gioberti Mens Track Running Sport Athletic Pants, Elastic Waist, Zip Bottom

Gioberti Mens Track Running Sport Athletic Pants, Elastic Waist, Zip Bottom

  1. I am an older person and somewhat short, almost a "littleperson".
  2. I don't recall a choice for inseam and I'm not accusing anyone of anything but, when I took these to my seamstress, she as able to hem them for me, replace the front with a zipper and to make me an arm cover for my lounger !
  3. All in All, I think I spent my money Wisely except for the bill from that wonderful person I call a seamstress.
  4. Once while walking in the park but I guess they thought I was homeless and I was "given" a total of seven dollars and sixteen cents before I could get out of there.
  5. The third pair I wore to a Doctor's appointment and the Nurse actually got down on her hands and knees and pinned them up for me.
  6. I guess my "image" is blown but at least me leggings are clean and new.
  7. We have bought these types for our boy's before for cool practice mornings, and when off the field to keep muscles warm; However like I said - these are his first pair of track pants, & he is really happy with them!<
  8. He says they are more comfortable than any sweatpants,& they're nice enough for gardening, or going to the store.
  9. Easy to get on him and they are long enough to cover his urinary leg bag.
  10. While they don't have the "polished" look of name brand pants of similar type, these are a great buy.
  11. The waist is a bit loose for him (210ish lbs, for reference) but that's exactly how he wanted them so he can throw them on over basketball shorts when it's chilly.
  12. Only problem is that the right pocket is sewn in backwards so it is super awkward to put stuff in it.
  13. The fabric has a very unnatural feel, is somewhat thick, has a slight sheen, and feels almost polyester-ish.
  14. The pants just don’t feel nice, and I don’t think they breathe well.
  15. I am full size female and I don't like how the women's running pants fit.
  16. I am 5'8 and the pants are about one inch to long but with my hiking boots not to bad.

Buy here $19.99 - $22.99

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