Polar RCX3 Black

rcx3 black

The Polar RCX3 is suitable for the recreational runner who wants a smarter approach to training in preparation for an event.
The Polar RCX3 can be extended with optional G5 GPS sensor and / or SD sensor.

Polar Training Effect:

Motivating feedback immediately after each workout is something we can all benefit. This feature tells you exactly what the effect of different training sessions. After each workout you get a short summary in your training computer. For more detailed feedback, go to your training file or polarpersonaltrainer.com.


This feature ensures that you always train at the right intensity. Knowing how hard to train can be a challenge. Using Zone Optimizer you can obtain through your exact desired training effect, because this function you perfectly adapts five heart rate zones to the current physiological condition of your body.

Smart Calories

OwnCal is the most accurate calorie measurement on the market. The number of calories burned during a training session will be calculated based on your weight, height, age, gender, your individual maximum heart rate (HRmax), and how hard you train.
Running Index

With this feature you can easily track how efficiently you run. Running Index shows automatically after each session a score to your running training. This score is calculated on the basis of your heart rate and speed data collected by your GPS or stride sensor. A higher value indicates that you can walk with less effort harder.
fitness Test

If you want to improve your fitness and want to keep track of your progress, inform tells the smart fitness test within five minutes you exactly what you need to know. By comparing your results regularly, you can follow the progress you book and how to improve your condition.

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