POW Pho-Tog Touchscreen Glove Snowboard Glove (Black)

POW Pho Tog Touchscreen Glove Snowboard Glove (Black) gloves

Originally designed for photographers, the POW Pho-Tog Glove glove has been a favorite item ever since. Starting today, operating your smartphone and camera is a breeze without having to take off your gloves.

On the back of the hand a small bag is stitched, which securely holds small belongings such as memory card, key or cash with its zipper.

-Surface coating allows touchscreen operation

-Convertible fingers: through a slit in the fingertip, the index finger can be pushed out of the glove uncomplicated

-Handbag with zipper

-Outer material: 100% polyester

-Palm: 100% synthetic leather with silicone print

-S = 7

-M = 7.5 -8

-L = 8,5 -9

-XL = 9.5 -10

POW Photog Glove, Black, Medium

POW Photog Glove, Black, Medium

  1. This is a must have glove for easy operation of your POV camera Use the pocket on the backhand for an extra battery or storage card.

Buy here $14.95

Pow Gloves 14.15 Pho Tog Glove


Originally built for the photographer, the Pho-tog Glove has transformed into the touchscreen favorite. No need to remove your

POW Photog Glove, Black, Large

POW Photog Glove, Black, Large

    Buy here $45.00

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