POW Sniper GTX X-Trafit Glove Snowboard Glove Red

POW Sniper GTX X Trafit Glove Snowboard Glove Red gloves

The Sniper GTX Finger Glove by POW is waterproof and breathable thanks to the GoreTex membrane. You can adjust the cuffs individually via a Velcro fastener. Depending on the weather, it can sometimes be warmer.

For this there is the possibility to open a zipper on the hand printing and thus optimally adjust the climate in the glove. In the bag you can of course also put a handwarmer.
-Waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® glove
-Backhand venting possibility by opening the watertight zipper
-Equipped with neoprene cuff
-Removable polypro liner with handle
-Nose / lens cleaning cloth thumb plate
-Lining: Polyester / Microfleece
-Insulation: Thinsulate
-Velcro adjustable humanette
-S = 7
-M = 7.5 -8
-L = 8,5 -9
-XL = 9.5 -10

POW Men’s Sniper GTX X-Trafit Trigger

POW Men's Sniper GTX X-Trafit Trigger
  1. I performed some research and decided to give POW gloves a shot since they appeared to be a popular choice and offered all of the features I desired.
  2. Before I provide my review, I’ll first describe my experience with this gloves.
  3. I’ve used the gloves 3 times total, twice while snowboarding and once while skiing.
  4. The conditions varied between powder, extreme cold (10 degrees with negative windchill), and blue bird (mid 40’s).
  5. Quality
    This is by far the category where this glove falls short.
  6. After using these gloves twice, the interior lining began to fall apart in one of the gloves (see pictures).
  7. Not only did the lining fail, but it did so in several different spots of the lining (not just one faulty seam).
  8. Because it only happened to one of the gloves, I’m not sure if it is a QA issue or design issue (I assume the former), but it is apparent there IS an issue.
  9. Additionally, the synthetic material on the palm-side of the glove is at best mediocre quality.
  10. Again, after a few uses, the material began to rub off, but this time on the other glove without the lining issue.
  11. Aside from these issues, everything else has been okay after 3 uses.
  12. I thought there was a removable lining, but perhaps I misread the description as this is NOT a feature of the product I received.
  13. With my old Manzella gloves, my hands NEVER got cold and were often too warm, which is why I chose these gloves.
  14. Conversely, the bluebird day I rode, it was around 45 and the venting was a nice feature to have, although I did have to remove them on the lifts and in the lift lines.
  15. Fit
    All other pair of gloves I own or have owned were size large and fit fine.
  16. However, I ordered a large for these gloves and they were a bit too small.
  17. Conclusion
    I was really excited to receive these gloves, especially because of the features and versatility.
  18. However, as soon as I put them on, the disappointment set in with the fit/feel.
  19. Shortly after, the poor quality of these gloves added to my disappointment.
  20. I plan to reach out to POW and see if their customer service is willing to stand behind their product and offer a replacement or credit towards another purchase.
  21. I am under the impression that they are a solid company and am optimistic that they will stand behind their product and offer some type of resolution.
  22. The temperatures were approximately 2 degrees at the base and approximately -6 degrees at the summit.
  23. I usually pick trigger gloves over the traditional ones because I find them to keep my pinky and ring finger warmer.
  24. Used them for about 6 hours that day, and my hands were warm enough to not need hand warmers (you can put them in the pocket in the front of the glove) and kept my hands dry as well.
  25. I use them 99% of the time I’m out at the resort or in the backcountry.
  26. Only gripe is that the inside stitching wore out where it meets the cuff after one half season.
  27. This caused the insulation to start pulling out and drastically reduced the water resistance.
  28. Been using for about a month of avid snowboarding in the PNW(3-5days/wk).
  29. Vents on the backhand are perfect when hiking or on an urban excursion.
  30. Goggle Safe’ thumbs on both hands & padded knuckles go along way w/ me.
  31. Dry time has been pretty good as it does take a long time for you to feel any dampness to begin with.
  32. Will report back with any issues of course as I am early in my venture w/ this glove.
  33. If they fit properly they could have been a 5 star for me.
Buy here $36.82 – $90.00

Pow Gloves 14.15 Sniper Gtx® Glove X Trafit™

The Sniper GTX® Glove will allow you to experience mind-blowing ventilation from the peak to the park. A durable and breathable

POW Men’s Sniper GTX X-Trafit Glove

POW Men's Sniper GTX X-Trafit Glove
  1. The Sniper has a zipper vent to control warmth according to the day.
  2. The only negative is that they are a little bit short in the palm.
Buy here $40.82 – $90.00

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