Pow Warner Gore-Tex Short Glove Men’s Finger Gloves

Pow Warner Gore Tex Short Glove Mens Finger Gloves gloves

The black Warner Short Glove by Pow takes care of you thanks to the robust Gore-Tex membrane with the best protection.

The timeless exterior was reinforced by leather insert on the index finger, both on the palms and provided with a POW logo embroidery.

The short design gives you optimal freedom of movement with your flips and tricks, while the adjustable wrist cuff holds the glove to your hands. Inside the waterproof men’s gloves, the finest micro fleece houses your tender fingers. This is provided with premium anti-pilling, so even if you sweat, no sticky lint stick to your hands and no annoying knot bring the day prematurely to demolition.
-Men’s Finger Gloves
-Including 1 pair of inner gloves with touch function
-GORE-TEX membrane
GoreWarm Technology
-Waterproof and windproof, breathable
-Strengthened index finger with Gore-Tex logo
-Strengthened palms
-Lining: Premium Anti-Pilling Microfleece
-150g Isolation: 3M Thinsulate
-Buff Thumb -Cleaning Kit on Thumb
-Glove connection hook
-Short cut for maximum performance
-Fitting,Adjustable Wrist Cuff
-Embroidered POW logo
-Upper: Polyester Leather
-Lining: Merino Wool
-S = 7
-M = 7.5 -8
-L = 8,5 -9
-XL = 9.5 -10

POW Warner GORE-TEX Short Gloves

POW Warner GORE-TEX Short Gloves
  1. The warner is a glove with a GORE-TEX insert for ultimate protection from the elements.
  2. After I stripped off my gear, I decided to heat my hands on one of the vents, as the furnace had just come on.
  3. Now, somewhat in a panic, I hurried to the kitchen sink and turned on the warm water, where I stood for about 5 minutes thawing out my hands.
  4. When they felt normal, I shut off the water and now have no ill effects.
  5. Going back outside, I put on a pair of old 10 dollar thinsulate gloves I bought from Walmart, which were fine for the next hour and a half or so.
  6. Since I bought these for snowmobiling, I doubt they will be enough, and I’m disappointed to say the least.
  7. If your fingers become cold AT ALL with these, get them warm at once!
  8. Almost seem the gloves were masking a larger problem that should have sent me into the house far sooner.
Buy here $43.05 – $65.00

Pow Gloves 14.15 Warner Gtx® Long/Short Glove

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