Quiksilver Little Rookie Baby Suit Kids Ski Suit Blue Sulfur Icey

Quiksilver Little Rookie Baby Suit Kids Ski Suit Blue Sulfur Icey Skianzuge

The "Little Rookie" snowsuit makes for a great winter experience for the smallest kids.

The colorful all-over print in the form of a checkerboard convinces with a sporty look and lets the cuteness factor rise.

The oblique zipper on the suit allows for easy on and off. In addition, a cover over the closure protects against moisture.

The complete suit was lined with soft fleece. Combined with Warmflight insulation, this results in optimum comfort in terms of warmth. Thanks to the DryFlight technology, the "Little Rookie" is water-repellent and breathable. By means of foldable cuffs they convert the statements into fists and socks and protect against the cold weather conditions.
-Children’s Snow Suit
-Hood with fleece lining
-Fully concealed zipper, oblag
-DryFlight technology
-Water Repellent and Breathable
-Warmflight insulation
-Fleece lining
-Reversible bundles
-Material: 100% polyester
Size table -age of the child -12-18 = 12-18 months
-18-24 = 18-24 months

Brand: Quiksilver

Quiksilver Baby Little Rookie Sesame Street Snow Suit

Quiksilver Baby Little Rookie Sesame Street Snow Suit
  1. Features include: insulation: warm flight insulation [200g body, 120g sleeves, 80g hood], teddy faux fur and taffeta lining, and cuffs and hems can be converted into mittens and booties.
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Quiksilver Snow Baby Boys’ Little Rookie One Piece Suit

Quiksilver Snow Baby Boys' Little Rookie One Piece Suit
  1. The inside of the top half is cozy with a fleece / short fur-like lining.
  2. He is starting to wear a 24 month shirt but 18 month pants so I bought the 24 month size hoping he can get 2 winters out of it and that shouldn’t be a problem!
  3. The foot coverings come off if you want the child to wear boots instead.
  4. The arms are long for him but the cuffs can fold over and cover his hands so that works just fine.
  5. Today was his first time wearing it and the pant legs were long but we folded the lower part a little so the length wasn’t an issue.
  6. He loved it but didn’t enjoy the hood and had to wear a separate hat.
  7. Next winter the hood shouldn’t be a problem as he’ll be bigger and the whole suit will fit even better.
  8. One of the things I loved about this particular suit is the print on it.
  9. It’s like a big boy snow board suit rather than the regular toddler ones that are solid colors.
  10. This snowsuit has soft black fuzzy interior that is perfect for babies and little ones.
  11. This snowsuit includes booties that can be used if your little one is just outside in the weather being carried.
  12. Otherwise you can detach the booties and put snow oops on your child.
  13. After reading reviews I ordered a size 9 months for our 12 month old since everyone said it ran large.
  14. Well the snowsuit is snug on our 9 month old so it likely will last just a couple of months but hopefully through the winter.
  15. The length is the only thing that my son is almost to big for.
  16. Tip: I’d say if your baby is normal size then order down a size but if they are tall then order the child’s appropriate size.
  17. Kept him warm and dry and he loved being able to play in the snow.
  18. The teachers at daycare have told me that this is the nicest snowsuit they have ever seen!
  19. It saved them so much time since it just quickly zips up.
  20. It’s also very warm and quilted – perfect for a harsh ND winter.
  21. They only downside I noticed was on a super warm day – the other kids were all wearing their bib style snow pants without coats because it was warm out but there was still snow on the ground.
  22. Well they had the top of this tied around his waist which was awkward – so something to think about if you’re in a warm climate and only trying to protect from rain/mud.
  23. I had trouble finding suit what has detachable booties, plus most stuff for boy is beyond boring, so I saw this one and thought it looks nice , modern and different.
  24. I got 12 months size and it fits my boy and has a lot of room to grow, enough, plenty to get us through the winter.
  25. My son started walking early, before he turned 10 months, so we just used booties as shoes, so he was walking right in this snowsuit.
  26. It is waterproof, which is great, but it makes it a bit heavy or at least heavier, than down coat would be.
  27. For cold days I put wool sweater on my son , on warmer days around 40F just onesie, little vest and snowsuit- he is warm.
  28. Inspite of being light colors it does not get dirty easy ( smooth surface, but rough enough for crawling/walking/falling infant).
  29. This suit is good for winter activities, so next year I am going to look for this brand.
  30. Hope to put this to use in the snow this winter, but even before that, will be using it for the wet storm season.
  31. I’ve looked at other winter bunting outfits and most are not waterproof and more expensive.
  32. Plus the pattern on this is so cool and unlike the ones they normally have for infants.
  33. This probably doesn’t count as a bunting, but I’m gonna use this on cold wet days outside too.
  34. My son is 9 months average size (55%) and is wearing the 12 months suit.
  35. When I first bought the outfit in August, my son was 6-7 months, and this looked enormous.
  36. His feet don’t poke out of the legs, nor his hand from the sleeves but it’s workable.
  37. I’m sure by the time the chill rolls around, it’ll be a better fit.
  38. My son usually wears anywhere between 6 and 9 month clothing.
  39. You cant really tell from the picture but the inside is lined with black fur.
  40. I can fit clothes on him under this full suit, and he can roll around in the snow without getting cold.
  41. I’m kinda happy though because how often can you say your kid used a snowsuit for two years in a row??
  42. At 6 months he couldn’t walk, and was very warm in this suit when I pulled him on the sled.
  43. This year I removed the footie booties and he can wear his snow boots and run around.
  44. We are very happy with our purchase and would do it again in a heartbeat!<
  45. We bought an 18mos for our 1 year old son last year and it was Huge on him.
  46. We ordered 18 months since my son is currently almost out of 12 months and we wanted it to be able to fit him this winter.
Buy here $106.95

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