Quiksilver Monkey Abyss Men’s FlopFlip Demitasse Solid

Quiksilver Monkey Abyss Mens FlopFlip Demitasse Solid

With no frills, the Quiksilver Monkey Abyss sandals come to you! Simple, comfortable and yet fashionable! That was the motto when creating this Manner Slipper and that's what the creative heads of Quiksilver did.

The dual-density EVA midsole provides lightweight cushioning and the foamed, solid rubber outsole for enough durability in everyday life.

The soft toe straps prevent stressful rubbing of your delicate feet, which is an absolute must-have for every sandal! So let's get into the cool slippers and out to the beach! Whether you want to go shopping in the city, to the lake for swimming or to enjoy your vacation in full conquest with many small Ausflugen, the stylish slippers accompany you at every turn and do not let you down! -Men's Sandals

-Soft, water-friendly lining

-Canvas with frayed brim

-Fine mesh nylon thong

-Canvas straps lined with soft textile

-Dual density EVA midsole

-Anatomical feet

-Foamed rubber outsole

-Durable material

-Strappy material: 100% cotton 100% textile

-Sole: 100% Rubberlon

Brand: Quiksilver

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