Ride Burnout Wide Snowboard 2018

Ride Burnout Wide Snowboard 2018 snowboards

A playful driving, reliable edges and a crisp pop.

With the wide version of the Ride Burnout also boys from shoe size 45 will get their money's worth.

The burnout of Ride has a hybrid core with bias from the middle to the first inserts and goes from the tips into a rocker over.

This gives you a grippy and stable edge for piste cars and kicker-riding and soft nose and tail for jibbing and backcountry. The new Carbon Roll-In Slimewalls sidewalls are again covered with a fiberglass layer and give the Burnout very stable and responsive edges, protect against chip-outs and thereby reduce even the weight of the board.

The wood core of aspen bamboo and paulownia wood ensures a balanced flex behavior and is additionally reinforced with triaxial and biaxial glued fiberglass as well as carbon inserts. So to speak, the Ride Burnout is an All Mountain all-round carefree snowboard that you can use in any terrain! -Flex: 5/10 -Medium

-Binding assembly: 2x4 inserts

-Application: All Mountain / Freestyle

-Stance: Centered

-Surface: Sintered

-Fiberglass: Hybrid

-Core: Performance Core

-Construction: Twin Hybrid

-Side bolsters: Carbon Roll-In Slimewalls

-Edges: Cleave Edge

-Carbon: Array 5

-Flat Kick Tips

-Double Impact Plates

Average Width:

-25.2 cm (155 cm)

-25.3 cm (158 cm)

-25th4 cm (160 cm)

-26.2 cm (157 cm) Wide

-26.3 cm (161 cm) Wide

Rider Weight:

-57-80 kg (155 cm)

-59-82 kg (158 cm)

-64-86 kg (160 cm)

-64-86 kg (157 cm) Wide

-68-91 kg -(161 cm) Wide

Brand: Ride

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Guf and Mike from Ride take a look at the 2018 version of the Ride Burnout Snowboard. You can find Ride snowboards at: www.

Ride Burnout Wide Snowboard

Ride Burnout Wide Snowboard

  1. Industry pros love the pop and response of the Twin Hybrid Camber profile with Flat Kick Tips.
  2. The Roll In and Carbon Slimewalls give the board superior strength and stability with reduced weight.
  3. Throw in Carbon Array 5 Laminates and Cleave Edge Steel and you have ridiculous response with unmatched resistance to edge cracking; while Double Impact Plates underneath the bindings improve compressive strength and prevent board breaks where it matters most.
  4. Shred it all and never hold back with the Ride Burnout Wide deck.

Buy here $389.95 - $549.95

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