Ride Crook Snowboard 2017

Ride Crook Snowboard 2017 snowboards

The Crook is a really cool jib board with a soft flex and neat POP for park, rails and street snowboarding.

Thanks to the special twin rocker shape, biaxially glued fiberglass and the soft Slimwalls side bolsters, the Crook becomes an all-terrain killer, whether on the slopes or in the park.

The graphics for the new Crook were designed by the artist Brian Romero and bring you a sarcastic smile on your face.
-Flex: 3/10
-Binding assembly: 2×4 inserts
-Application: All Mountain Freestyle
-Stance: Centered
-Surface: 1500 Fusion
-Fiberglass: Biaxial
-Topless Construction
-Core: Foundation Core
-The Aspenhoz core spans the entire length of the board, ensuring durability, preload and balanced flex.

The core is supported with biaxially glued fiberglass.
-Shape: Twin Rocker Profile
-A twin rocker shape that lifts only the contact points out of the snow and is almost flat under the feet.

This gives you a grippy edge hold, but also a playful and erroneous driving sensation.
-Sidewalls: Slimewalls
-Ride’s exclusive Slimewalls are forgiving and pliable.

They absorb blows rather than pushing them against them. Just as with skateboard wheels, the urethane in the Slimewalls makes the interaction with snow, wood or metal surfaces even. In addition, these things are as good as indestructible.

The most durable sidewalls in snowboarding. Medium Width:
-24.5cm (152cm)
-24.7cm (155cm)
-24.9cm (158cm)
-26.2cm (161cm) Wide
Rider Weight:
-45-68kg (152cm)
-52-75kg (155cm)
-57-80kg (158cm)
-Kg (161cm) Wide

Brand: Ride

2017 Ride Crook Snowboard Review The House.Com

The Crook returns for 2017 as an outstanding intermediate to advanced freestyle board. It’s timeless profile coupled the Foundation

Ride Crook 2018 Snowboard – Men’s 149

Ride Crook 2018 Snowboard - Men's 149
  1. Its versatile shape and familiar rocker through tip and tail makes the Crook a team favorite for both morning hot laps and afternoon film cameos.
  2. RIDE Slimewalls dampen high-speed, all-mountain rides, then coast into the park cause this deck will take a beating.
  3. By transferring new graphics from Brian Romero directly into the fiberglass, we dont even need to add a heavy topsheet.
Buy here $289.95 – $399.95

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