Ride Helix Snowboard 2018

Ride Helix Snowboard 2018 snowboards

Try something new and it will blow you away! The Ride Helix Freestyle Snowboard with All Terrain proven, asymmetrical shape is just the bomb. Ergonomically, the toe and heel sides of the body are different. So why should the sidecuts be the same on both sides? The Ride Helix delivers a perfect swing balance with different radii, making swinging easier and more controlled.

Whether you’re regular or goofy, this innovative, asymmetrical design does not matter. Your edge on the heel side is exactly the same and it does not matter which downhill direction you prefer.

The Hybrid Twin Shape, Carbon Slimerods and Soft Roll-In Slimewalls side bolsters add to the new, close-knit feeling for the snowboard the Ride Helix has to offer.
-Flex: 5/10 -Medium
-Binding assembly: 2×4 inserts
-Application: All Mountain
-Stance: Centered
-Surface: Sintered
-Fiberglass: Hybrid
-Core: Performance -Carbon Slimerods -Wood core with carbon / urethane reinforcements
-Shape: Asymmetric Hybrid Twin
-Sidewalls: Roll-In Slimewalls
-Carbon: Array 3 Laminates
-Double Impact Plates
Average Width:
-25.1 cm (153 cm)
-25.2 cm (155 cm)
-26th1 cm (159 cm) Wide
-26.2 cm (162 cm) Wide
Rider Weight:
-57-80 kg (153 cm)
-59-82 kg (155 cm)
-64-86 kg (159 cm) Wide
-68-91 kg (162 cm) Wide

Brand: Ride

2017 / 2018 | Ride Helix Snowboard | Video Review

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Ride Helix Snowboard

Ride Helix Snowboard
  1. It features an Asymmetrical Twin Camber shape and a tad softer flex from last year, but it’s the Asymmetric Sidecut that really takes the Helix to the next level.
  2. With a deeper radius on the heelside edge than the toeside edge, you’ll have more leverage on heelside turns.
  3. This anatomical shape allows you to power through turns easier on your heelside edge.
  4. Double Impact Plates increase board strength and prevent board breaks from stomping big landings, while Carbon Array 3 Laminates distribute power evenly to the opposing contact points for maximum board control.
  5. The Ride Helix is a truly versatile all-mountain freestyle deck and a favorite for team rider, and slopestyle dominator, Yuki Kadono.
Buy here $348.95 – $499.95

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