Ride Timeless Snowboard 2017

Ride Timeless Snowboard 2017 snowboards

Attention, the board was at the exhibition in our stationary shop and has slight scratches on the topsheet.

The board is of course fully functional and guaranteed.

The directional, tapered shape of the Timeless is right on the slopes and let you float in the powder at the top. Supported by the Hybrid Camber with crisp bias from the tail to the front inserts and the long Rocker Nose. Inside the Ride Timeless is the reinforced with carbon fiberglass and wood core of aspen bamboo and paulownia wood. Rounding out the power package with Ride? S Silencer 5 damping, which gives the board its smooth running.

The Timeless feels most comfortable on the slopes, in the boardercross parkour and in the backcountry, but the main thing is full speed! -Flex: 8/10 -Stiff
-Binding assembly: 2×4 inserts
-Application: All Mountain
-Stance: Setback
-Coating: UL Base
-Fiberglass: Pop Glass
-Steaming: silencer 5
-Core: Performance Core
-Very strong aspen wood has been combined with bamboo and paulownia for a perfect balance of power and lightness.

Tapered means that the nose is not only longer, but also slightly wider than the tail.

This floated the board loose and through the deep snow.
-Shape: Tapered Directional Hybrid
-The board has a positive bias from the tail to the outer, front binding area and goes into a rocker nose.
-Sidewalls: Popwalls
-These totally new sidewalls are a combination of Slimewall layers and carbon.

They were strategically placed optimally.

For twin boards, from the inserts to tip and tail contact points and directional boards from the rear inserts to the contact points in the tail. This new and exclusive technology reinforces the driving pleasure, as we have placed the carbon pop construction on the outer edges for better stability and increased response.
-Edges: UL Steel
-Almost 50% more steel, provides unparalleled resistance to edge breakage and can be tuned to a larger radius.

The UL Steel edges are thinner, but have the same characteristics as the Cleave Edge, only lighter.
-Carbon Array 5:
-This force distribution technology provides total board control at every stance position.

Widely distributed carbon strings placed in the binding area bundle the driver’s input no matter which stance width and pressure angle.

This technology ensures optimum power transfer.
-Topsheet: Aluminum Construction
-The exclusive T6 aluminum topsheet creates unparalleled torsional stiffness and cushioning, giving the board a super fast response. As a result, the Timeless can be precisely maneuvered even at high speeds and does not start to flutter.

Note: The board has a Color Rotation Base (tread) and may differ from the illustration !! This means that the color arrangements on the tread may differ! Average width:
-25.7cm (158cm)
-26.7cm (162cm)
-27.5cm (167cm)
Rider Weight:
-59-81kg (158cm)
-63-86kg (1562cm)
-Kg (167cm)

Brand: Ride

Ride Timeless Snowboard New 2017 Ride Snowboards Timeless Snowboard Boardinsiders.Com

https://www.boardinsiders.com https://ridesnowboards.com 2017 Ride Timeless Snowboard It’s back and this time it means business.

Ride Timeless Snowboard

Ride Timeless Snowboard
  1. The flex is now slightly more forgiving, without sacrificing response, and the all-new carbon-infused Race Base increases board speed and resistance to damage.
  2. The Aluminum Top Sheet makes the Timeless charge like you wouldn’t believe, providing a smooth ride that loves laying down euro-turns on fresh groomers or plowing through mid-day choss.
  3. Stability and control can open doors to snowboarding you didn’t even know existed, let the Ride Timeless be your key to the other realm of shredding.
Buy here $498.95

Ride Timeless Snowboard Mens

Ride Timeless Snowboard Mens
    Buy here $489.95 – $549.00

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