Roces Ace Roller Skates White / Green

Roces Ace roller skates White / Green roller skates

Made of durable synthetic leather, you’ll conquer the streets of your city with the Roces Ace roller skates! Medium-soft wheels let you float almost noiselessly over the asphalt and a big brake stopper at the top of the roll-up shoes makes you stand up reliably and uncomplicatedly.

Timeless design determines the look of the skates and lets them style your feet in style anytime. Textile lining, a soft tongue and slightly padded upper provide a high level of comfort, while the cord system with riveted eyelets promises safety and support.
-Roller skates
-Upper: soft synthetic leather
-Lining: Textile
-Roller Hard: 85A (medium soft)
-Rolls: 52mm x 32mm
-PVC brake stopper front
-ABEC 5 Ball Bearing
-8-fold stringing with flat laces
-Riveted cordless
-EVA footbed
-Rubber sole

Brand: Roces

Pack of 10 Skateboard Scooter Ball Roller Ball Bearings Skate Wheels Bearings

Pack of 10 Skateboard Scooter Ball Roller Ball Bearings Skate Wheels Bearings
  1. It is our service aim that our customers to be our repeat customers.
Buy here $6.61

Riedell 625 Soar / Women’s and Men’s Beginner/Soft Figure Ice Skates / Color: White or Gray

Riedell 625 Soar / Women's and Men's Beginner/Soft Figure Ice Skates / Color: White or Gray
  1. The boot features foam-backed velvet lining with durable maintenance free uppers to keep feet comfortable.
  2. The stainless steel Spiral blade gives skaters a smooth edge.
  3. I used the sizing chart on Riedell’s website for this model and it was two sizes off.
  4. I got green) I bought these in December 2016 and used them 3-4 times a week at ~45-60 min each time.
  5. I never left them in my car for more than an hour either.
  6. In all, with all that care and use, within two months the skates started to break at the heel.
  7. Now, I contacted the place I bought them from, 4 Sport Elements, they were amazing with customer support and are exchanging the skates for me.
  8. They are very comfortable and easy to get on and off, though I do help him lace up to ensure they’re tight enough.
  9. His coach said they are good skates for a beginner such as himself, but as he gets more advanced we will need to invest in a more quality skate.
  10. My 12 year old son found them to be more comfortable than the rental skates.
  11. I cringe everytime I see another child skating around with their ankle cranked at almost a 90 degree angle because they lack the support (for whatever reason).
  12. Both of my children use this style now because they also like how soft the inside is and it doesn’t give them blisters like rentals had.
  13. The shoe part started seperating from the sole and we had to send them back.
  14. My son was very disappointed since these skates look pretty cool compared to others.
  15. They fit him but they were a little short in the toe area.
  16. The second pair even came way sooner than what they said they would.
  17. He loves them and the sales rep was very friendly and did a great job of helping me with the exchange.
  18. Very nice quality, arrived quickly and there’s a fur type of fabric on the inside, so they’re soft.
  19. Disappointing considering they are for Xmas and our child will want to wear them on his break.
  20. They are beautiful and know that my granddaughter will be very happy with them.
Buy here $59.96 – $81.00

Practice Roller Skates For 18 Months

Since Feb 2016 Step by step..! When I figure out that I’m improving, it makes me so happy (I really really need someone who teach

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