Roces Big ZYX Inline Skates Inline Black / Crimson Red

Roces Big ZYX Inline Skates Inline Black / Crimson Red inline skates

The roller-skating from the 80s is back and is enjoying ever-increasing popularity.

The Italian brand Roces is known for its high-quality skates in combination with modern designs.

The look of the black skates with red details is sporty and modern.

A padded liner leaves nothing to be desired and provides you with a comfortable fit. In addition, the high Schafft in conjunction with a continuous Schnurung firm hold. This is how Fu? and shoe, which is a perfect basis foruring excursions with your new inliners.

For even better comfort serve two fastening buckles.

These are adjustable and can be individually adjusted to your desired fit.
-Men’s Inliner
-String system
-2 fastening buckles
-Padded liner
-Upholstered Footrest
-Aluminum spacer
-4 urethane rolls (90mm-82A)
-Material: synthetic, textile, rubber

Brand: Roces

Roces Mens BIG ZYX M Fitness Inline Skates Blades ART Black/Red 400812

Roces Mens BIG ZYX M Fitness Inline Skates Blades ART Black/Red 400812
  1. BIG ZYX is the new skate coming in Roces’ new fitness skate collection called ‘ART’.
  2. The skate’s main feature is the high quality Glass Fiber Reinforced HQ Polypropylene shell.
  3. The fastening is ensured by the Fast Lacing System, the resistant Velcro Power Strap and the exclusive Memory Buckle which can retain the skater’s foot size.
  4. Available in sizes 14 thru 18 us mens, this skate will fit all the large footed men looking for a great looking and performing inline skate.
  5. In the front you can see the new aeration and transpiration system called Cool Breath which will definitely be appreciated by your feet.
  6. Inside the skate you’ll find the anatomically outlined insole, the Progressive Anatomical Padding and the Easy Entry System, all of which will considerably improve the comfort of this skate.
  7. BIG ZYX is equipped with 90mm 82A wheels, ABEC 5 bearings and aluminium spacers.Big ZYX represents a safe choice for occasional skaters who care about comfort, safety and design.
Buy here $149.99 – $189.95

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