Roces Le Plaisir Classic Rollers Ladies Rollskats Pink

Roces Le Plaisir Classic Rollers Ladies Rollskats Pink roller skates

Roller skates have been around for over 40 years. In the meantime, these have been pushed into the background, but now the boom is back.

The iconic sport is very popular and the Roces brand makes a great contribution with its great designs and durable workmanship.

The "Le Plaisir" in bright pink and blue provides summery mood.

The design looks young and dynamic. So best conditions for a trip to the green.

The high shaft paired with a string system ensures firm hold. In addition, the footbed and the tongue are slightly padded.

This combination gives you a comfortable fit.

The rollers and the stopper are made of polyurethane.

With it you roll quite easy on the roads and paths. In addition, the material is robust and durable.
-Women’s Roller Skates
-High Creates
-Slightly padded tongue
-7-hole line system
-3 variable strings
-Anatomical Footrest
-4 polyurethane rollers
-1 polyurethane stopper
-Material: leather, textile, rubber

Brand: Roces

Patine Cu Rotile Roces Le Plaisir

Patinele cu rotile Roces Le Plaisir se adreseaza atat nostalgicilor si cat si celor care acum iau primul contact cu acest mod placut de

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