Rollerblade Macroblade 84 ABT W Women’s Inline Skates Emerald / Cherry

Rollerblade Macroblade 84 ABT W Womens Inline Skates Emerald / Cherry inline skates

The sun is shining and it’s time for a round of inline skating.

The turquoise-black premium inliners with pink details give you the best grip with a combined buckle made of plastic buckle, round laces and velcro.

The ABT technology ensures control and stability and combines comfort with safety when driving and braking.

The 84 mm wheels offer a smooth and stable ride including SG7 ball bearings. The heel loops make it easy to put on and are also great for transporting rollerblade skates from the parking lot to the start of your trail.

With the Macroblade 84 ABT W by Rollerblade summer can come and nothing can stop you! -Ladies Inline Skates
-ABT technology for control and stability
-Micro adjustable shaft buckle
-Stringing through loops
-Velcro over the string
-Heel loop
-Aluminum rail
-Asymmetrical upper shell
-4 x 84 mm castors, 84A
-SG7 Ball Bearing
-Rear brake

Rollerblade Macroblade W 84 ABT Specific Fit SG7 Bearings Inline Skates

Rollerblade Macroblade W 84 ABT Specific Fit SG7 Bearings Inline Skates
  1. Consistent, gradual braking power is achieved by simply sliding the braking foot forward allowing to skater to keep all wheels on the ground for added stability.
  2. Enjoy your local skate paths or simply cruise your neighborhood.
  3. Using skates as transportation is a fun way to get to your destination (and save some money).
  4. Skating makes you a better skier, runner and over-all athlete.
  5. Look for a local Rollerblade 10K challenge or other skating events.
  6. Skates are great travel companions to explore new urban environments and sightsee with.
  7. Great overall support is enhanced by the Soft True Wrap lacing system that makes the upper conform to the shape of the feet and provide additional support in the proper areas when in the skating stride.
  8. Form Fit liners make the skate very comfortable with its thicker padding.
  9. All New ABT brake system provides control, stability and confidence for new skaters who need a little extra support while learning how to brake.
  10. Features include: Macroblade structure, Soft True Wrap upper, New Rollerblade Form Fit liners, Lo-Balance aluminum frames with ABT, Rollerblade 84mm/84A wheels and SG7 bearings.
  11. They are a half a size too big but I’m happy with it because the toes are hard so I will fill the space with memory foam.
  12. My 3 and 4 year old kids love that I’m riding these now instead of walking along with them on bike/scooter rides.
  13. I’m still getting the hang of them because I’m 23 and haven’t had rollerblades in 15 years but I’m catching on fast, I think these were a good choice.
  14. I feel like these would be good for experienced skaters as well.
  15. I suggest watching the “how to use abt brakes” on Youtube.
  16. I would also like to point out (incase anyone else will be riding these in their house) that hair can get twisted around the baring’s (in by the wheels) so keep an eye out for that and use a tweezers to get it out if you don’t want to take the wheels off.
  17. Needed a new set after wearing out my old ones from a few years ago, and these are FAST on the street!!
  18. These ones hurt my feet and have velcro and ties instead.
  19. I also liked that you used to be able to remove the whole boot before for cleaning.
Buy here $198.62 – $234.12

Rollerblade Macroblade 84 ABT Inline Skates Mens

Rollerblade Macroblade 84 ABT Inline Skates Mens
  1. Ideal for the casual skater looking to go out every now and then.
  2. Not as stable or supportive as a Twister or Tempest, but a great value for the quality and price.
  3. The Macroblade 84 ABT Inline Skates come with 84mm outdoor wheels to give you a smooth, comfortable, and long lasting ride.
  4. The frame length makes these skates extremely maneuverable.
  5. Ideal for skating along the beach or jamming around with your kids.
Buy here $105.60 – $234.12

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