Rossignol X-1 Ultra FW Women’s Cross Country Shoes White

Rossignol X 1 Ultra FW Womens Cross Country Shoes White Cross Country Boots

With the women's version of the X-1 Ultra FW you get a women's cross country boot, which could not be more suitable for the Nordic Cruising style.

This touring shoe offers comfort and responsiveness.

And the whole packed in a beautiful white.

With a weight of just 920 g / Gr. 41 also clearly shows the processing of lightweight materials. In addition to the lightness in itself, the shoe can also be very comfortable and easy thanks to Speed ​​Lace Lock on and off.

-Women's Cross Country Shoes

-Technique: Classic

-Sole: Sport (Touring)

-Weight: 920 g / Gr. 41

-Speed ​​Lace Lock

-NNN compatible

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Toshiba 256GB Q Series Pro PC Internal Solid State Drive (HDTS325XZSTA)

Toshiba 256GB Q Series Pro PC Internal Solid State Drive (HDTS325XZSTA)

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Buy here $138.30

Fully Cushioned Merino Wool - Comfortable Thermo 20-30 mmHg Graduated Winter Compression Socks for...

Fully Cushioned Merino Wool - Comfortable Thermo 20-30 mmHg Graduated Winter Compression Socks for...

  1. The pattern may leave the print on the leg for 1~2 hours.
  2. Diabetics, phlebitis or thrombosis should consult with a doctor or physician before using these socks.
  3. The socks are so tight that they don't slide or slip in boots.

Buy here $29.99

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