RRD Airsup V3 SUP Paddle Board Orange / White

RRD Airsup V3 SUP Paddle Board Orange / White

The Allround Airsup is probably the most sought-after SUP board in the entire RRD Sup Inflatable Board Range.

This allround-oriented board glides gently on shallow water and lets you drive effortlessly in small waves.

The rocker and scoopline, combined with a perfectly placed fin, make this board an incredible fun board in an incredible variety of conditions. Equipped with a new "Sandwich Dyneema Belt" that runs like a stringers over the entire length of the board on the deck and underwater ship. This makes the board about 30% stiffer than any conventional inflatable board.

-Stand-up paddle board

-Dimensions: 316 cm x 86.36 cm x 15.24 cm

-Color: Orange / White

-Max 1 person

-Paddler weight: 40kg -120kg

-Sandwich Dyneema belt

-70% Double skin construction

-Including floor pump

-Including backpack

-Single FIN US

-Including elastic bungee bundles for stowing cargo

US box center stubby fin hard 4.6″ for River SUP / longboard / airSUP / saruSURF – Black

US box center stubby fin hard 4.6

  1. Tracking is not much different from the deep water fun we have.
  2. The only down side was the screw it’s came with required a Phillips, which I hated having to always worry if I remembered to pack the screw driver.
  3. We replaced it with a thumb screw and now it’s worry free.
  4. My problem with a big fin was that paddling around my lake it would catch pieces of weed and other things floating around and I would end up dragging them around the lake.

Buy here $14.95

saruSURF US box center fin Safety Flex Soft 8″ for longboard / SUP / airSUP (no screw)

saruSURF US box center fin Safety Flex Soft 8

    Buy here $19.95

    Rrd Air Sup V2 10’2” Supboarder Mag Board Test

    SUPboarder Mag gives you an independent review of the RRD AIRSUP V2 10’2”. An all round inflatable paddleboard designed for


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