RRD Easy Paddle Glass 3 Pcs Adj SUP Paddle -Black

RRD Easy Paddle Glass 3 Pcs Adj SUP Paddle  Black

The Easy Paddle Glass 3 Pcs Adj is a beginner-friendly SUP paddle by Roberto Ricci Design or RRD for short.

His 3-piece shaft can be adjusted between 168cm and 210cm.

This allows you to tailor it to your needs.

The paddle is extremely stable and at the same time very light with 950g. Stand-up paddling is one of the most versatile and absolute trend sports of recent years.

Not least because of the marketing of quality products like RRD. Go out and have fun.

-SUP Paddle

-Long: 168cm-210cm

-Size adjustable

-3-piece shaft

-Weight 950g

-Composite Shank

-Handle: plastic

Carlisle Predator Fiberglass Paddle - Straight Shaft

Carlisle Predator Fiberglass Paddle - Straight Shaft

  1. This paddle features a lightweight, yet durable, fiberglass shaft.
  2. The blades are made of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene to help create a balance between low weight and durability.
  3. The straight, round shaft feels comfortable in your hands, even after a long day spent paddling hard on the water.
  4. When it's time to head home, simply break down this paddle and load the two pieces into your trunk.
  5. It matched my kayak's colors and I like supporting brands I am loyal to.
  6. A few weeks ago I was paddling back to shore and noticed I had a big crack through the center of one of my paddle blades.
  7. This Carlisle paddle was the same price but slightly lighter.
  8. I was blown away at the difference in this paddle compared to all of my previous paddles.
  9. The shaft fits together tight whereas the Feelfree paddle had a loose wiggle in it which was annoying at times.
  10. Also, the shaft feels great, it fits my hand better (yeah yeah, I know what I just typed, grow up lol) but it's true and worth mentioning because it adds to the noticable difference in performance.
  11. My kayak is a battleship and demands a blade to have enough surface area to get it moving.
  12. This paddle has just the right balance of size and shape where I can pull the blade with less energy than my previous paddle but it's not too small so that I am paddling more strokes to cover the same distance.
  13. I have two kayaks and use this model of paddle with each.
  14. Although this particular color doesn't match my kayak perfectly, the lime green camo model matches my second kayak perfectly and looks really sharp.
  15. Not that looks have much to do with a kayak paddle, but it's nice when it looks so good and matches perfectly.
  16. These paddles don't have a lot of give, either at the blade or at the joint in the middle -- barely even a slight wiggle.
  17. The blades are really strong and don't flex much (if at all) even when using to help launch, slog through the shallows, etc.
  18. It's good compromise of lighter weight (than aluminum) but not costing more than your kayak (like graphite).
  19. I guess a lot of that depends on how much you paid for your kayak, but graphite paddles can get really pricey!
  20. I've used the little fishing hook/line unsnagger countless times now, and won't buy another paddle that doesn't have one.
  21. There's a curled cutout in one of the blades that intended to help disentangle fishing line (like from a tree?).
  22. One of the 2 grips areas is contoured with an out-of-round grip shape, and the other is not.
  23. Not being particularly knowledgeable, I originally assumed this was a defect, or perhaps the 2 paddle halves were different year or model.
  24. Better communications from the company, or in the description would have saved on a product return, only to discover the same dissimilar handles on the replacement paddle.
  25. I will update once I get to use it, but when first taking it out of the box, it feels lightweight and comfortable in my hands.
  26. I like the lime camo color scheme and that it comes in the longer 250 cm length.
  27. I do notice that it does flex more than my previous paddle.
  28. I have currently put 75-100 paddling miles on this paddle since I have received it.
  29. The larger paddles help allot to make it easier to move along the water.
  30. When I received them, I had originally thought they felt a bit heavy.
  31. Since I had gotten the correct length, even though I had spent two hours paddling, I wasn't tired out.
  32. The only problem I have with the paddles I purchased is that the lock button to connect the two pieces is very difficult to push all the way down with your finger alone.
  33. I always have to use some kind of tool to press on it when detaching.
  34. Originally I was impressed with the slight curve of blades and how great they feel cutting through the water.
  35. It wasn’t until about 5 hours later where I really appreciated how light the fiberglass shaft is.
  36. There’s just a bit of flex when paddling aggressively and I really like that right side of the shaft is tapered to fit your hand.
  37. Everything about this paddle feels high quality and don’t see myself going back to an inexpensive one.
  38. I'm glad I bought it and happy they had the longer length.
  39. Much much better than my decent quality aluminum paddle.
  40. It's not carbon fiber so it's a little on the heavy side, but really good overall.
  41. The color is more of a plain gray vs smokey looking but I don't care because it is so light and easy to use.

Buy here $48.99 - $169.58

Rhino Tactical Green & Red Dot Sight for Rifles & Shotguns by Ozark Armament - Includes Picatinny Cantilever Mount Co-Witness with Iron Sights - Coated Optic

Rhino Tactical Green & Red Dot Sight for Rifles & Shotguns by Ozark Armament - Includes Picatinny Cantilever Mount Co-Witness with Iron Sights - Coated Optic

  1. Tailor the Brightness to Your Environment with 5 Brightness Levels for both Red and Green Illumination.
  2. Mount Quickly and Securely with the Included Cantilever Mount.
  3. Backed by our No Questions 1 Year Warranty and Dedicated US Support.
  4. We put it through rigorous testing to make sure it could stand up to even the harshest conditions.
  5. This no frills red or green dot scope sits perfectly atop your battle rifle to provide easy, quick targeting with the large 35mm objective.
  6. It offers absolute co-witness with standard AR pattern sights and a 4 MOA dot perfect for target acquisition.
  7. It is backed by our no questions 1 Year full warranty and dedicated US based support.
  8. On the other hand, I had a fairly difficult time trying to sight in the second red dot that I purchased.
  9. I gave the sight to the range officer who also then tried to sight in the sight and he could not get it either.
  10. This may just be an oversight by the quality control department.
  11. I award three stars based upon the first sight working great and the other sight pretty much useless to us.
  12. The new sight arrived today and I must say I am more than pleased to know that Customer Service like that at Ozark still exists.
  13. I bought this to throw on a little 10/22 build, after reading some great reviews.
  14. The only cheaper red dot I "semi" like is the Sightmark QD.
  15. That being said, I returned the one I bought being that it just simply didn't hold up.
  16. They're plenty bright enough to see on a very sunny day, and dim enough to use at night.
  17. This is a very rugged, and thus far dependable little optic.
  18. On a side note, I did see some photos of other reviewers, that showed a streak of light across the glass.
  19. That being said, you can see a red/green ring around the inner circumference.
  20. If someone does have an issue with that, I can attest that the seller will make it right.
  21. Put a hundred rounds through my AR and it stayed accurate.
  22. Update: 04/10/17 This dot did better than I thought especially when you throw in a 3x magnifier.
  23. I went to the range and the some how the magnifier combine with this dot just became magic my accuracy became a lot better and shot a few times 75yards down range.
  24. When looking through the eyepiece you can see an inner seal has become unglued or has shifted internally on the lower right hand side.
  25. The same identical problem happened with the previous optic that I ordered from the same company.
  26. Tried everything, remove battery, installed battery, increase/decrease illumination.
  27. I tried to call the company number I found on google but phone would ring once then I get nothing.
  28. The email I got from Bobby, owner of Ozark Armament, did not have a contact number.
  29. New battery, checked tightness of lid, sent back and ordered new optics.
  30. Had to aim 8 to 10 inches to the right and 3 inches up to hit the center of the target.
  31. Was not expecting much for the price, I am surprised at how good it looks and feels considering.
  32. I'm not too experienced with these scopes, but the red and green dots work fine.

Buy here $44.95

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