Salewa Alpine Hat 3 -3 Group Tent 5613-5311 -Cactus Gray

Salewa Alpine Hat 3  3 Group Tent 5613 5311  Cactus Gray tents

This elongated group tent from Salewa offers enough sleeping space for up to 6 people and an ample entrance hall that can be used as a storage and / or recreation room. Divided is the Alpine Hut 3 -3 tent as the name implies in two three cabins, a gap and two entrances.

With a water column of 5000mm at the tent floor and 4000mm at the outer tent, a very good rain protection is guaranteed.
-Persons: 6
-Water column floor: 5000mm
-Water column outside tent: 4000mm
-Dimensions: 580cm (width) x 240cm (long) x 190cm (height)
-Measurements: 180x240cm -Size cabin: each 200x240cm
-Package size: 60x40x40cm
-Weight: approx. 14Kg
-Inputs: 2 tt> -Cabins: 2
-Ventilations: 4
-Material bottom: Polyester Tafetta
-Material inner tent: Polyester Tafetta
-Outer tent material: Polyester
-Stick: T6 aluminum
-Double wall construction
-Rapid Set Up
-Rain-protected entrance
-Tent bag at the entrance
-Snow flaps / dust protection
-Completely open sidewall

Brand: Salewa

Salewa Men’s Firetail 3 Approach Shoes | Approach, Hiking, Alpine Climbing | Vibram Sole, Climbing Lacing, Breathable Upper

Salewa Men's Firetail 3 Approach Shoes | Approach, Hiking, Alpine Climbing | Vibram Sole, Climbing Lacing, Breathable Upper
  1. I purchased these for hot and humid weather, and for situations that I need the support of a hiking/approach show.
  2. They seem to have enough venting to allow for sufficient air flow and the color, although dark, does not appear to attract the heat (absorb may be a good word).
  3. But it is only April and I have not had these shoes long enough to comment on fit, durability, or if they are any good in the hot weather.
  4. If I update this it will be because the shoe impressed me).
  5. The softness of the sole provides great traction, even on wet pavement (which I discovered this morning).
  6. The lacing system provides for a very secure fit, to include heel placement in the deep cup of the shoe.
  7. When I first put these on, (before I laced them up) I thought for sure that I would be sending them back – if my heel is not secure, I will blister terribly which is not something I am prepared to deal with.
  8. My favorite brand Lowa occasionally has a shoe with this issue – changing the insole to a filler (like Superfeet Orange) can solve this problem).
  9. The tether lines around the back of the shoe are not just for looks, they anchor the heel properly.
  10. Salewa has a manufacturer’s guarantee for two years against defects and to be blister free.
  11. I have no experience with these soles, I usually prefer the stiffness of the Superfeet insole.
  12. CONs:
    -The laces are slick and there is no resistance in the eyelets, which makes lacing them up a pain.
  13. When you untie them they do loosen right up without ‘unlacing’ them which can be a plus’).
  14. I prefer a thicker lace to avoid pressure pointing across the top of the foot.
  15. There is significant padding on the tongue of the shoe and so far there has not been any issue with this.
  16. I don’t foresee any issues as the craftsmanship and production are excellent.
  17. Even if you are looking for a casual sneaker for a night out, I think these are a great choice.
  18. Salewa shoes generally fit well as long as one remembers that they run ½ too small.
  19. I had forgotten this fact on my latest order and had to return the shoes and reorder a pair one ½ size larger than what I would normally choose.
  20. These were not just shoes that had been tried on before.
  21. These shoes had dried mud still sticking to the worn soles.
  22. The upper portion of the shoe had actual wear creases deeply ingrained in the material.
  23. A younger sibling would have called these shoes “hand me downs”.
  24. The shoe seller: LIVE TO PLAY not only sucked on this sale but they had had to really inhale hard to suck this much!
  25. Since my original review I have used these shoes on several extended hikes and if I could rate them 6-stars I would.
  26. Almost a year after my original review I just completed a summit to 12,600 feet and the shoes performed in outstanding fashion.
  27. Extremely comfortable and supportive, and after a year of use, show few effects of wear and tear.
  28. I originally purchased these shoes after having purchased the Salewa MS Alp Mid Flow GTX hiking boots which I love after using them on a 7-day hike into the Wyoming wilderness.
  29. My feet tend to hurt at the end of the day and I was looking for a shoe that would provide better arch support in particular and generally support my feet better.
  30. The arch support is exceptional and the shoes honestly fit like a glove.
  31. These are Approach Shoes meaning designed for rock and mountain climbers.
  32. I am using them as a walking shoe mostly and in the gym.
  33. The grip and slip resistant Vibram sole is superior to normal shoes.
  34. The lacing system is also far superior and the overall support, especially in the toe area, is outstanding.
  35. These are not waterproof but a GTX version is available with Goretex fabric.
  36. I purchased a women’s model for my daughter who is also my hiking partner and she loves hers as well.
  37. He found these and fell in love with how comfortable they were.
  38. He just wore them on a 13 mile water hike and LOVED them.
  39. They were comfy and he didn’t get any blisters and could have worn them longer.
  40. The day after buying them, I put on three six miles days of walking around San Diego and they felt good.
  41. As other have mentioned, they are solid shoes and not overly soft.
  42. Based on this purchase, I will probably order other Salewa models, including a GTX version.
  43. Only flaw is the top four eyelets which are basically thin paracord.
  44. These shoes are a Porshe 911 and not a Lincoln Town Car.
Buy here $90.32 – $293.13

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