Salewa Midway 6 Persons Tent 5908-5311 -Cactus / Gray

Salewa Midway 6 Persons Tent 5908 5311  Cactus / Gray tents

The Salewa Midway 6 offers plenty of space and storage space for the whole family.

The sturdy tent with two cabins and a large vestibule, despite its size, is easy to set up.

The waterproof PU floor with 3000 mm and outer tent with taped seams and 1500 mm water column keep the inside of the tent dry. Due to its high quality and functionality, it is of course not only suitable for casual camping trips, but also for multi-person trekking tours as a base camp.
-Tent for 6 people
-Water column floor: 3000 mm
-Water column outer tent: 1500 mm
-Measurements: 280 x 576 x 198 cm
-Measure anteroom: 180 x 240 cm
-Dimensions cabin: 198 x 240 cm each.
-Packma: 71 x 28 x 25 cm
-Weight: approx. 12 kg
-1 input
-2 cabins
-Material floor: 100% waterproof polyurethane
-Material inner tent: 100% polyester
-Outer tent material: 100% polyester
-Pole: 9.5 mm fiberglass
-Double-wall construction
-Construction: outer tent first
-Windscreen floor cloth
-Rain-protected entrance
-Luggage net
-Tent bags
-Side ventilation
-Spring Clip
-Windows in the cabins

Beckson 6″ Non-Skid Screw Out Deck Plate

Beckson 6
  1. They incorporate a self-aligning center and an innovative gasket to assure a watertight seal.
  2. A back-up sealing wall leaves the plate watertight, even if the gasket is removed.
  3. Deck plates are used for access to shut-off valves or back-fastenings, inspection, and clean out for tanks and compartments.
  4. A screw-out plate should be used in compartments where a change in air pressure due to temperature or oil canning can occur.
  5. Plastic seems higher quality that what is sold at West Marine.
Buy here $20.10

Blue Sea Systems Common BusBars (100A-250A)

Blue Sea Systems Common BusBars (100A-250A)
  1. I’ve been hoping to get a busbar with 5 posts but no such luck.
  2. I thought this was 3/8″ when I ordered it but it turned out to be 5/16″.
  3. However since I had to make up battery cables I just bought 5/16″ end lugs and put that on the cable instead.
  4. The cable from the mini disconnect has a 3/8″ lug but this didn’t prove to be a problem because the nut makes good contact with the end, but I will update once I get a good sunny day (been having cloudy days and rain).
  5. This was a lot cheaper than the quote from the solar company for a 17″ busbar with no posts!<
  6. My only negative comment is that I would have liked the protective cover to have covered the terminals a little more completely.
  7. As is a metal object or a carelessly placed screwdriver can slip underneath and short the terminals.
  8. It is made of high quality materials and installed easily in my boat.
  9. The nuts have an integrated washer design with a texture on bottom that makes a strong connection that won’t vibrate loose.
  10. I ma using this bus block as a ground point for 2-wire DC power for accessories I am installing in my toy hauler.
  11. I am also using a fused bus block for each circuit feed.
  12. Having true bus block strips means you don’t have to try and put a bunch of eyelets on the battery posts, which can be near impossible when there are a lot of items.
  13. Also, sometimes the charger/converter does not have any more capacity to tie into it or is very difficult to wire anything too.
  14. These little bus strips help fix that issue when you know how to wire a DC circuit.
  15. I got one with a cover for the posative and one without a cover for the ground.
  16. Anyhow, I love these, and will continue to use them for any and all power distribution needs.
  17. Let me tell you, this is a high quality bus bar made from quality materials!
  18. Only problem was I received it without the cover, but was labeled with cover.
Buy here $7.88

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