Salomon Assassin Snowboard 2017

Salomon Assassin Snowboard 2017 snowboards

A concentrated load of freeride freestyle power! With the Assassin you master steep backcountry runs and cliff drops as well as park kickers or icy slopes.

The Salomon Assassin is the freeride-oriented variant of the popular Villain and offers you outstanding All Mountain performance.

On and off the piste, the snowboard can be navigated comfortably.

The Assassin’s Rock Out Camber has a flat-bottomed midboard profile, grippy camber in the binding area and Rocker Nose Tail. Assassin’s hybrid construction provides a playful yet responsive ride that you’ll love.

New for this season is the ABC Green Roll construction, which relies on basalt and bamboo wood! Furthermore, the Assassin snowboard is peppered with many other helpful construction elements, which will bring you to the mountain to a satisfied smile. Particularly noteworthy are the cork-damping inserts on the side cheeks, which swallow awkward vibrations. Or the Popster bamboo wood reinforcements in the wood, which make the board very stable and durable.
-Application: All Mountain
-Flex: 5/10 -medium
-Binding assembly: on 4×2 inserts
-Construction: Rock Out Camber
-A very poppy flat between the bindings, camber with bias in the binding area for more control and reverse camber nose tail for presses and buoyancy in the powder.
-Shape / Flex: TrueTwin
-Freestyle specific core. Requires that the board is mirrored in the middle, nose tail are identical, the stance is centered exactly, and the flex regular is the same as goofy.

This allows you the same performance in both directions.
-Construction: ABC Green Roll
-True to the motto more power -less plastic, basalt and bamboo wood are used in the Green Roll construction. Simply because basalt is extremely durable and lightweight, and bamboo is simply very sturdy and responsive!
-Sidecut: EQ Rad
-The premium radial sidecut is the perfect balance between responsiveness and forgiving maneuvering.
-Core: Aspen Strong SLCT
-A sturdy, high quality and lightweight wooden core forms the heart of the assassin.
-Fiberglass: Biaxial Medium Density
-Biaxially glued fiberglass gives the board power and a tight torsional flex.
-Construction element: Popster Eco Booster
-Extra bamboo wood strings over the entire length of the board give the assassin more power and pop.
-Edge Steaming: Royal Cork Rails
-The 4mm thick Kork Dampfungspdas in the binding area and mid-board reinforce the ABS sidewalls, where the most pressure prevails.

The pads vaporize vibrations, reduce the impact and protect the environment.
-Base: Sintered Electra Gallium
-The sintered base has a smooth sliding behavior and optimal wax absorption. The gallium makes the base more robust and impact-resistant, while the Electra finish provides improved gliding properties.
-Factory tuning: Medium Stone Finish
-The in-house stone grinding of Salomon makes your board slide better, from soft powder to spring slush. Average Width: Boardlength -24.9cm (153cm)
-25.1cm (155cm)
-26.1cm (157cm) Wide
-26th2cm (160cm) Wide
Rider Weight: Board length -55-75kg (153cm)
-55-85kg (155cm)
-65-95kg (157cm) Wide
-75-105kg (160cm) Wide
Note: The board has a Color Rotation Base (tread) and may differ from the illustration !! This means that the color arrangements on the tread can vary!

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Salomon Snowboards Assassin Snowboard

Salomon Snowboards Assassin Snowboard
  1. Designed for rider looking for a board that can handle everything the mountain throws their way, the Assassin effortlessly transitions from morning powder in the trees to afternoons spent lapping the park.
  2. Proving its versatility, you’ll find Salomon team rider Wolle Nyvelt riding the Assassin as he sends massive backcountry jumps in the Alps and spins off fluffy pillows into Japan’s legendary powder.
  3. The Assassin has always been a board that could ride anything on the mountain, but it really came into its own as a deck for bringing your tricks to natural terrain features and waist-deep powder.
  4. We’d chalk this up to its balanced twin shape and Rock Out Camber, which gives you the locked-in carves and responsiveness of camber, but with extra float to ensure you’re not submerged helplessly on powder days.
  5. This profile is entirely flat between the bindings, transitioning to camber under each binding, then uplifts with a good dose of rocker at the tip and tail.
  6. Ultimately, it delivers the best of both camber and rocker, ensuring the Assassin is ready for anything standing in its way.
  7. To ensure maximum pop, the Assassin employs an Aspen Select core with embedded Popster Eco Booster (i.
  8. This results in a board that’s much friendlier on the environment, as well as one that’s extremely snappy and smooth across a wide variety of riding environments.
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