Salomon Extend 2 Pairs 175 -20 Ski Bag 3Skitasche Black

Salomon Extend 2 Pairs 175  20 Ski Bag 3Skitasche Black

The Extend Ski Bag made by Salomon offers space for 2 pairs of skis including binding and is expandable.

Thus, you can easily pack a ski length of 175cm to 195cm and vary your bag arbitrarily. Your binding is also well protected by an additional padding.

The compression latches on the upper provide a good fix and keep your gear where it should be.

The strong colors make it stand out well from other transport bags, so you certainly do not go with the wrong ski! Unpacking and unpacking your equipment will be no longer a problem thanks to the reinforced and waterproof floor.

And if the piste fun is over, you simply pack your ski or snowboard in the waterproof compartment, zip the bag, put the double carriers together and start the journey home with anticipation for the next snowy day! -Unisex Skibag
-Space for 2 pairs of skis
-Ski Long: 175cm -195cm
-Waterproof Skifach
-Continuous 2-way zipper
-2 fastening closures with compression buckles
-Name tag to label
-Reinforced floor
-Continuous upholstery
-Reflective details
-Double shoulder straps with padded handle
-Lining: 100% polyethylene
-Upper: 100% polyester

Salomon Women’s X-Mission 3 CS W Backpacking Boot

Salomon Women's X-Mission 3 CS W Backpacking Boot
  1. The hybrid outsole geometry and durability extends the field of play.
  2. Female-considered fit technologies to better match with a woman’s foot shape.
  3. I decided to splurge a little with these shoes as I’ve heard amazing things about this brand.
  4. After I broke in these shoes, I never wanted to take them off!
  5. They are comfortable, and love that they aren’t laces but the adjustable lace!
  6. I had gotten these at a really good deal, but was a little skeptical, thinking perhaps I was going to get a knock-off instead of the real deal.
  7. I never owned a pair of Salomon before, I had only done research and they seemed like well-loved shoes.
  8. Since it was free returns, I decided to give them a go and just make sure to check for style inconsistencies in case it was a fake.
  9. I hadn’t run in several weeks but as soon as I put them on, I felt like I could run for miles.
  10. They feel durable, keep my feet from sliding, but have good spring and good traction.
  11. My #1 biggest problem when trying on shoes in that my ankle often feels insecure and slips just a little, but that’s not problem with these.
  12. They can be secure enough without squeezing my foot too much.
  13. Because others had mentioned narrowness I was concerned because my feet are wide, but personally, it works for me, I don’t even notice.
  14. I like the security, and my feet don’t hurt from hard running, so I say they’re a keeper.
  15. So long as these shoes are durable enough to last me at least two years, I might actually be willing to pay the bigger price when I need another pair.
  16. Then once, they broke in, now I’m noticing that the right sole, under the footbed is all wavy.
  17. I bought these because I had/have plantar fascitis and they were recommended.
  18. I believe they would be good shoes if the sole of the right shoe was correct.
  19. I’ve been a Speedcross 3 runner for a while, but decided to try these out when I found a great sale.
  20. They are still super comfortable, but look more like a normal shoe.
  21. Their cleats are much more like normal tread, but they’re still good for basic trail running on gravel.
  22. I tried Inov8 at the same time and returned them because they were nowhere near Salomon for comfort.
  23. I think I’ll stick with Salomon for a while and truly love the CS and GTX versions.
  24. I poured water right on the shoe after I got it, and it didn’t reach my socks at all.
  25. I also like that they have a great grip on the bottom so I know I won’t slide when walking my dog.
  26. The only think I don’t like, is that it doesn’t have laces but just a cord you pull.
  27. The shoe does keep the water out so they are definitely water resistant but still breathable.
  28. Unclear why these are being sold as wide when they’re not.
  29. Didn’t really test the water proof aspect, but suspect theyll do well!<
Buy here $43.46 – $130.00

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