Salomon Faction Boa Snowboard Boots Black / Orange Rust

Salomon Faction Boa Snowboard Boots Black / Orange Rust snowboard boots

Salomon’s Faction Boa gives you a broad arsenal of technology without having to dig deep into your pocket. If you are so tired of swinging your laces on your snowboard boots and wasting precious time, you will not get past the faction. Easy-to-use BOA line system makes your days on the mountain a lot easier. By briefly pulling the knob, the system opens and you can push the tongue forward uncomplicated. To close, you just need to press the button briefly and turn it clockwise, so pull the robust steel cables together and keep your feet firmly in the boat. In addition to Ortholite foam, the SilverFit liner also features AutoFit foam technology. It adapts to your feet and gives you constant comfort, ride for ride.

The men’s soft boot also has a low profile EVA D-Light outsole. So you are closer to your bond and optimally transfer your generated power.

Thanks to the flex on the snowboard boat, you can explore any terrain. Against premature wear The outer shoe was provided with a toe and heel protection, as well as a strengthened boot printing.

This gives you extra durability and the best resonance to your binding.
-Men’s Snowboots
-Application: All Terrain
-Flex: 5/10 -Medium
-Upper: Synthetic
-Lining: Textile
br5> -Outer shoe:
-Focus Boa line system
-Increased heel and toe area
-Strengthened shoes
-Snow protection on the tongue
-Pull tab on tongue
-Discreet logo details
-Customizable AutoFit foam technology
-SilverFit liner -soft material and constant warmth
-Ortholite molded foam
-Additionally Schnurbar thanks to high-speed system
-Pull tabs on the rear shaft
-Outer sole and insole:
-Ortholite C1 Insole -Breathable, Moisture Wicking
-EVA D-Light low-profile outsole
-Lattice structures under the heel for damping comfort

Brand: Salomon

Salomon Faction Boa Snowboard Boots 2017 – 10.5/Black-Orange Rust

Salomon Faction Boa Snowboard Boots 2017 - 10.5/Black-Orange Rust
  1. Are you tired of the time it takes to lace up your boots If you answered yes meet the Faction Boa Snowboard Boot where convenience and function collide.
  2. With an arsenal of Boa lacing system Ortholite C1 insole for all day comfort plus an EVA outsole for longlasting durability you wont waste an time tying knots with these bad boys in your boot bag.
  3. Rider Style Flex Soft Flex Softer flex is more maneuverable at slow speeds and more forgiving in general.
  4. This type of flex offers increased comfort and is great for beginner/intermediate riders and for the advanced rider who prefers a looser more skate like feel for a freestyle practice.
  5. Lacing Liner Boa Lacing Easy and quick tightens with the flick of your wrist Silver Fit Liner Featuring Autofit foam technology the Silver fit liners have Ortholite insoles and self molding foam for a customized and lasting fir and comfort.
  6. Construction Materials Ortholite Footbed Ortholite footbeds create a cooler drier healthier and better cushioned environment for your foot.
  7. It will not break down over time and will stay cushy and comfortable ride after ride.
  8. DLight Outsole Lightweight and ultralow profile the full EVA Dlight Outsole features extra gridding under the heel for added comfort and dampening right where you need it.
  9. A process using materials specific construction that doesnt necessitate glue thus making the liner easy to wash.
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Salomon Faction Boa Snowboard Boots – 8.0/Black-Orange Rust

Salomon Faction Boa Snowboard Boots - 8.0/Black-Orange Rust
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