Salomon Quest W Ladies Ski Helmet 367008 Black / Crimson

Salomon Quest W Ladies Ski Helmet 367008 Black / Crimson Ski Snowboard Helmet

The new Quest ski helmet by Salomon convinces even every professional with the best possible technology. In addition, the new EPS inner shell construction offers better shock absorption and optimum air circulation. Cuddly soft faux fur in the inner shell of the Salomon ski helmet ensures a comfortable fit! -Ski helmet

-Active ventilation

-10 ventilation openings

-Twinshell Concept (Hybrid)

-EPS 4D shell

-Washable lining


-Removable ear pads

-Weight: 380 g

Size chart:

-53.0-56.0 cm = S

-56.0-59.0 cm = M

-59.0-62.0 cm = L

Salomon Women's Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot

Salomon Women's Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot

  1. This lightweight but supportive boot borrows running shoe technology to provide stability and comfort, while keeping the weight down.
  2. This lightweight but supportive boot borrows from running shoe technology to provide stability and comfort, while keeping the weight down.
  3. AND a high-top cuff and full waterproof bootie ensure protection all year long.
  4. The arch support may be good for many, but I have plantar fasciitis and high arches, and I was hoping that the Ortho-lite in the hiking boot would feel the same way that it felt in the Salomon XA Pro 3D W trail shoe but it doesn't, and that's okay because I can get another insole.
  5. I expect hiking boots and trail shoes to have extra room because I think feet have a tendency to swell during hikes, especially lengthy hikes.
  6. In terms of comfort, I had no problem wearing the boots all day, but it will require a bit of time for the stiffness at the top of the boot near the shin to loosen up so I'll make adjustments to how I lace the boot.
  7. I had the same issue with my Lowa Renegade GTX hiking boots, but the Salomon is a little taller.
  8. I really like the look of the boot and I look forward to much hiking in it.
  9. Anyway, I've worn these on a 4-mile trek so far and they are great.
  10. They are very sturdy and yet lighter than you would think by looking at them, but if you are as out of shape as I am you will want to break them in before a very long hike.
  11. It is a bit heavy compared to other hiking boots but it is meant for longer backpacking trips.
  12. Salomon has the 3D comet if you want a backpacking shoe that is a little bit lighter.
  13. My feet are blister prone, maybe it's because I haven't found the right shoe for me until now and I have been on a Quest (sorry for the pun) to find the backpacking boot that wouldn't make me wish I was walking barefoot through the forest for a long time.
  14. The goretex waterproof feature is great, I was able to stand in stream to pump water without them getting wet.
  15. I have a really wide foot and these were completely fine, even after hikers swelling.
  16. I been told with Gore-tex to go up 1/2 size but I did not because they do run somewhat large.
  17. I have a wide foot and I've tried lots of hiking boots for my backpacking trips.
  18. For those looking for wider hiking boots I listed the ones I've tried below and my experience with them.
  19. It was a little too light weight for what I was looking for.
  20. It was Sturdy and lightweight but probably better for a day hiking shoe than backpacking shoe.
  21. It felt okay but the Salomons feel wider even though they don't make wide.
  22. They would be great shoes but they ended up being a little too snug for me.
  23. I did receive lots of nasty blisters for it rubbing the wrong way.
  24. Even with ample break in they still would have been a little too tight width wise.
  25. Lowa Renegade GTX (Goretex) (Wide Width) - I really wanted to like these shoes.
  26. They felt like they were broken in even when they were new out of the box.
  27. We have the same size shoe but she is not a wide in any shoe and she said they felt narrow.
  28. I wasn't aware that feet swell during an activity such as hiking, and on downhills my toes were jamming against the boot.
  29. I donated my ill fitting boots to Goodwill and searched for new ones.
  30. I did research and saw these as suggestions in several consumer reviews.
  31. I went to REI and tried them on ready to buy, but left due to the teeny bopper employee who was more interested in talking to her visiting friends about what she was wearing to the party on Friday night rather than helping me.
  32. These are very well made and comfortable as well as durable, as others have mentioned!
  33. Regarding sizing, they will definitely feel larger than your normal shoe size and has a roomy toe area.
  34. I have very flat feet that are wide (Barney Rubbles as my spouse calls 'em) thanks to 20 years of playing hockey, not to mention a Morton's/Greek toe in which my big toe is shorter than the rest of my toes.
  35. So it makes it hard to find footwear that is comfortable and fits my weird shaped feet.
  36. Due to the expansion/swelling of feet during activities, I recommend buying the same size one wears in regular shoes- no need to go up or down.
  37. Salomon sized these boots accordingly to allow for foot expansion as well as varying thicknesses of socks.
  38. Your toes should not touch the end of the boot if you're going downhill unless you want painful feet and screwed up toenails, so the extra room Salomon provided is a blessing.
  39. They may feel "big" when you try them on but trust me when I say that means it is the right size!
  40. Felt a bit like clown shoes as I was breaking them in but I love the ankle support and the flexible sole.
  41. In fact, I stocked up on a couple of the Discovery GTX boots when I saw they were being discontinued.
  42. We go snowshoeing in them & they stay dry & warm.
  43. I wore them hiking in winter and ended up in a few shallow streams and they kept my feet perfectly dry.
  44. The first time I wore them, they fit properly and I and I had no hot spots or blisters.

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Salomon Women's Quest Prime GTX W Backpacking Boot

Salomon Women's Quest Prime GTX W Backpacking Boot

  1. At only 570g, Quest Prime GTX is one of the lightest boots in the backpacking category.
  2. A rubber toe cap protects feet from all kinds of hazards.
  3. A GORE-TEX membrane ensures breathable weather protection.
  4. Bridging the span between mountain heritage and athletic design cues.
  5. Salomon DNA expressed in this progressive yet clean silhouette.
  6. Super light and designed for optimum cushioning and protection, you'll be able to go faster and farther in total comfort.
  7. The 7's actually didn't seem much shorter but were narrower so my feet didn't seem like they were swimming around so much so I decided to keep them.
  8. Let me pause by saying that I have been hiking in a pair of size 8 Keen Shasta Mids for the past 7 years and wanted to try something new as they has gotten broken down from much use.
  9. My husband swears by his Salomon hiking boots so that's why I decided to look into these.
  10. After receiving these on Friday, I took them out on the trail the next day for an 8 mile hike on a trail that goes up and down a mountain, very rocky, creek crossing, and very steep.
  11. Those who say they require no break in time must be used to a much heavier and stiffer boots than I am.
  12. I think part of it was me trying to get adjusted to how tight I needed them laced.
  13. As I mentioned earlier, I have a very narrow foot and even in a 7, the length seemed a bit too long.
  14. So after hiking to our destination and taking my shoes off for a dip in the creek, I put them back on and readjusted the lacing once more, but this time seemed to do the trick, not too loose and not too tight.
  15. I think it was a combination of me getting used to the weight of shoes, them getting broken in on the way in and me getting the tightness of the lacing right, but I finally began to like the boots.
  16. I not saying this is an overly heavy boot, perhaps just heavier than I am used to.
  17. Also as far as the stiffness, also stiffer than I am used to but I also having been hiking in the same pair of boots for the past seven years, that are way broke in.
  18. They are very waterproof, I walked through creeks and my feet stayed dry.
  19. I am eager to take them out again to see how my relationship with these progresses.
  20. They need to broken in a bit, but I just got back from a hike and I've no blisters or hot spots.
  21. They really grip the trail and I didn't have any problems on wet and somewhat icy rocks, which was a big concern for me.
  22. My other boots are definitely wore out and I have issues with severe foot pain in both feet, so to be able to hike again is wonderful.
  23. Condition of these boots is excellent and they seem to be very durable and sturdy.
  24. They also prevent me from feeling sticks and rocks underfoot.
  25. I’ve walked 12 miles in these boots so far and I love them!
  26. The top outer edge of the boot at the right ankle was pressing uncomfortably onto my leg.
  27. I loosened the top laces for the last mile which provided relief and bent that part of the boot back and forth when I got home to “unstiffen” it.
  28. Because of
    this and to allow for foot swelling on a long hike, I purchased a half size larger (8 shoe for a 71/2 foot).
  29. There is no slippage of my feet in the boot and still nice and roomy in the toe box.
  30. They are lightweight have some flex at the forefoot for A more natural stride.
  31. I took them for a 5-day trekking in the high altitude of Tibetan mountains as spare boots.
  32. I wore smart wool over the calf socks on the first day of wearing them and found too roomy.
  33. I had to bend down to tie them a thousand times throughout the day.
  34. When you are in a place with 70% of the oxygen level as that of the sea level, it consumes energy to bend down and tie shoe laces and one can suffer dizziness if stand up too quickly due to lack of oxygen.
  35. The next day I decided to give the boots another chance and changed into a pair of thick wool socks and that solved the loose problem of the boots.
  36. Then the shoe shaft started to press against my inner ankle bone and it hurt.
  37. I admit that the road condition was terrible--muddy and very rugged terrains.
  38. On the third day I gave up and changed into my favorite Salewa approach shoes (not boots like these) and they helped me to pull it through.
  39. The pro of these boots is they are truly water prove--it rained incessantly and we had to wade through numerous shallow creeks, but my feet didn't get wet even a bit.
  40. To be fair I didn't allow any break-in time before I took these boots to the mountains.
  41. Maybe I should give them another try after the break-in.
  42. The main reason I bought these was to wear at work and because they were actually wide enough for my super wide feet.
  43. They are lacking a little bit in the arch support category and could use a tad more cushioning, but they are overall great shoes!
  44. Lightweight, no break-in time for me, I've used them in warm and cold weather and have been comfortable both times.
  45. But that's great if you want to where thick warm socks.
  46. It took a few hikes to get my ideal lacing down - I find that I can't lace the upper part too much or my upper ankle gets bruised.

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