Salomon Sight Snowboard 2017

Salomon Sight Snowboard 2017 snowboards

The Salomon Sight is a snowboard that offers a perfect balancing act of price, performance and style.

The Sight is equipped with the user-friendly Cross Profile Hybrid profile, which offers you a direct power transmission as well as a forgiving handling.

The-to-end Aspen Strong wood core with biaxial fiberglass reinforcements ensures neat pop and longevity of the Salomon board. Particularly noteworthy at Sight is the rubber pad edge steaming in the binding area, which makes the handling of the snowboard noticeably quieter.

-Application: All Mountain

-Hard: 3/10

-Binding assembly: on 4x4 inserts

-Construction: Cross Profile Camber

-The ultimate All Mountain profile! Camber between the feet for more control, pop and stability when landing, and a rocker at the tip and tail for effortless float when driving forwards and switches.

-Shape / Flex: Directional Twin

-Nose and Tail shapes are identical in this shape, which will benefit you in any freestyle moves and direction changes. However, the Flex Directional is what you can do in high speed driving in your natural direction and gives the board the necessary stability.

The inserts have some setback, which means that the nose is longer than the tail.

-Sidecut: Quadratic

-A mixture of elliptic curves for easy turn initiation, effortless change of direction and fluid edge changes.

-Core: Aspen Strong

-A sturdy, high quality and lightweight wood core forms the centerpiece of the Sight

-Fiberglass: Biaxial Low Density

-Biaxially glued fiberglass gives the board power and a tight torsional flex.

-Edge Steaming: Rubber Pads

-4mm rubber rubber pads in the binding area reinforce the ABS sidewalls, where most of the pressure prevails.

The pads steam vibration and soften bigger shocks.

-Base: Extruded

-The extruded base is very robust and requires less care than sintered flooring.

This will benefit you jibbing, because the hard surface slips better on Rails Curbs, and also slips well, if you do not keep it growing.

-Factory tuning: Standard Stone Finish

-The in-house stone grinding of Salomon makes your board slide better, from the soft powder to the spring slush. Average Width:

-24.5cm (150cm)

-24.6cm (153cm)

-25.6cm (155cm) Wide

-24th8cm (156cm)

-25.8cm (158cm) Wide

-25.0cm (159cm)

-26.0cm (162cm) Wide

Rider Weight:

-50-70kg (150cm)

-55-75kg (153cm)

-60-80kg (155cm) Wide

-60-80kg (156cm)

-65-90kg (158cm) Wide

-65-90kg (159cm)

-65-95kg (162cm) Wide

Brand: Salomon

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Salomon Sight 2017. Guf takes a look. You can find Salomon snowboards at: Salomon Sight: https://www.the-

Salomon Sight Snowboard Mens

Salomon Sight Snowboard Mens

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