Salomon Speedcross 3 GTX Men’s Running Shoe 373323 Dark Khaki / Black / Gree

Salomon Speedcross 3 GTX Mens Running Shoe 373323 Dark Khaki / Black / Gree

The running shoe Salomon Speedcross 3 GTX comes in olive and thus fits the camo outfit.

Thanks to GoreTex material, the shoe is waterproof and breathable.

On soft and slippery surfaces, it offers the best grip. Comfortably padded is the hiking shoe yet.

The Quicklace cord system guarantees quick on and off and perfect fit.

To prevent stones from getting between the sole of the foot and the footbed, the shoe is equipped with a mesh insert.

-Men's Trail Running Boot

-Upper: Textile / Synthetic

-Waterproof, breathable

-Sensifit? System for optimum grip

-EVA midsole

-OrthoLite® upholstery bed

-Mesh insert for roll protection

-Quicklace? Quick lace system

-Chasis Light Weight Muscle

-Spring construction


-Mud Snow Non-marking Contagrip®

-Sludge protection along the shoe base

Note: The shoes are slightly smaller. Please order a size bigger!


Salomon Men's Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe

Salomon Men's Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe

  1. Light, fast, and featuring a super precise fit, the Speedcross 3 provides the ultimate grip in all conditions.
  2. Lock in place with the stopper and stow everything in the lace pocket.
  3. Wrapping the foot with support and comfort, the Sonic Pro employs varying technologies to offer the best fit possible.
  4. A 3D open stretch mesh makes up the underlayer which provides maximum breathability, letting fresh air permeate the interior to keep the foot cool and refreshed.
  5. Externally it features Sensifit technology - a system that Wraps to the foot with a precise and secure fit, Sensifit cradles the foot from the midsole to the lace system, providing a stable, precise, snug fit all around the system.
  6. Moulded into the shoe, reducing weight and brings more comfort.
  7. One of the final components to the upper is the simple and user friendly quick lace system.
  8. Quicklace is a single Kevlar string fed through friction free eyelets.
  9. As you pull, the lace closes evenly for a better fit, which delivers precision adjustment and a secure lock down, with a lace pocket to neatly stash away any excess that may get in your way.
  10. Offering supportive comfort whilst retaining a lightweight embodiment the midsole utilises Salomon's proprietary lightweight compressed EVA.
  11. A lightweight EVA for smooth cushioning and gait cycle transitioning.
  12. The format assists with keeping weight down and maximising responsive cushioning by actively reducing forces pressed upon the underfoot.
  13. Ortholite foam creates a cooler, drier, healthier, better cushioned environment under the foot.
  14. It will not break down or lose effectiveness over time.
  15. Lightweight construction meets the aggressive tread of the Mud and Snow Contagrip sole for a premium blend of performance and fit.
  16. The Quicklace system gets you suited up lickity split so you hit the ground running and never look back.
  17. All I can say is, this pair of shoes WORTH EVERY PENNY.
  18. I put them on two days before the race, walked around, took kids to the park.
  19. I run 60-80 miles a month on average, so running shoes are not strangers to me.
  20. This was to test it out if I can trust them on a full-day running event.
  21. It means we were gonna deal a lot with water, mud, and slippery hills through the entire course.
  22. Sure enough, our shoes got wet 2 miles in, and went through water/mud several times.
  23. Sure they will get heavy, but they never felt loose or uncomfortable because of deformation.
  24. They do not drain as fast because of thick cushion design, but that does not really bother us.
  25. I've seen some reviews elsewhere saying its insoles came loose and curled up.
  26. You can imagine how painful that would be if you are running in the course when it happened.
  27. There are three members in my team wearing Speedcross 3, not a single one had issue.
  28. And we are the only three member never fell because shoes slipped.
  29. And the insoles were perfectly as they were before the race.
  30. If you are going to do any OCR like spartan or tough mudder, this is your shoe.
  31. If you are going to hike in the woods/mountains, this is your shoe.
  32. I wanted these for casual street wear but the reviews were mostly from hard core trail runners, mudders and other people who can probably kick a grizzly bear's ass.
  33. Since I had no intention of running the Paris-Dakar Rally on foot I wasn't sure if these weren't "too much" shoe for me.
  34. I mean, look at that action figure lacing system, and my tires have less aggressive tread than this shoe, the little colored words on the sides made me think of sponsor labels on a top fuel dragster.
  35. Would normal people look at my feet and assume I was a dork?
  36. So, still feeling inadequate for these shoes I placed my order.
  37. They arrived 3 days later (probably ran half of the trip on their own) and I got them out and tried them on.
  38. I almost climbed a hill in them just for the joy of it.
  39. In fact, if a thug ever shoots me I hope he aims for my feet.
  40. The lace system seems odd at first but after a few times I figured it out so I can do it without taking my eyes off the TV.
  41. I catch people looking at my feet, nodding at my feet while nudging their friends, smiling at my feet.
  42. These are like armor compared to those and the trade off is a bit of trapped heat.
  43. Nothing too terrible but dark blue on a 90 degree day in the sun is a bit warm.
  44. I suppose if I wore them for what they were made for I could cool them by running across a glacier or alpine stream.
  45. But really, it's a minor thing since I live in Ohio and we only have weather that nice on accident.
  46. I'm sure I will appreciate that heat trapping during the other 320 or so odd days of usual cool and wet Ohio weather.
  47. Olympics competition, not actually playing soccer) and the wet grass did not soak my feet.
  48. I got some very minor dampness towards the end but my last pair of shoes would have sloshing water bags after ten steps so these were great.
  49. Plus the snug collar kept the grass clippings from getting into my shoes and turning my socks into rattan mats by the end of the day.
  50. While the treads are excellent for quick cuts in turf or dirt they can be a bit slick on smooth wet surfaces.
  51. It's not banana peel type slick but just that little bit of slide that makes me think "whew!
  52. In the reviews people talk about the longevity of this shoe in terms of miles or, in some cases, races.
  53. Now I don't know how many miles I wear my shoes (or if races to the restroom count) but I fully expect these shoes to last much longer than my previous pairs of shoes.
  54. They seem like someone actually designed them to work and last rather than just adding pretty swooshes or springs of shocks on a mediocre pair of nylon/leather sacks and called them shoes.
  55. I think these were designed by someone who got fed up with the garbage the big names put out.
  56. I wore these to the zoo last week and climbed a pretty high hill in them.
  57. Granted, I was in a tram on the way up and on a wooden switchback walkway on the way down but I felt like I could outrun the other people if I had to.
  58. So, do these shoes work for a fit, non-racing ordinary 46 year old male like myself?
  59. They are comfortable, durable and, I am assuming, thug proof.
  60. My little toe wore a hole in the side of my first pair.
  61. To be fair, it took a full year for that little piggy to burrow through that material.
  62. And even so, he only got to see a little daylight, there was no full blown escape.
  63. The soles on that first pair were worn down and thin enough that if I stepped on a dime I could tell you the year.
  64. I pushed them as hard as a semi-fit but active middle aged man could.
  65. They even looked good enough to wear out in public right up until that piggy broke out.
  66. Now they will be my lawn mowing shoes, and probably car washing shoes, and also my kayaking shoes.
  67. They look great with jeans, And believe it or not, still draw envious looks from strangers.
  68. I was just at a resort in San Antonio Texas last week and the valets at the entrance checked them out as I walked in.
  69. I purchased the shoes as a second pair to replace my last.
  70. I put just over 60 miles on the shoes in one day for a long trail run during my training and at the end of the day the shoes had completely falling apart.
  71. Lightweight for what's given, durable, dries quickly, good traction even when wet and muddy.

Buy here $77.72 - $166.00

Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 GTX Trail Running Shoes

Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 GTX Trail Running Shoes

  1. Precise Foothold: Up the tempo in a shoe that delivers precision over the most challenging landscape, with Endofit and Sensifit giving you optimal foothold without compromising on comfort.
  2. Stretch Comfort: Techno fabric meets technical terrain in a weatherproof GORE-TEX shoe that breathes and protects so you can run through all seasons.
  3. Add the protection of GORE-TEX and you're ready for anything out on the trail.
  4. They are tough, rugged, waterproof, and relatively light.
  5. My Merrill Vapor Gloves would have been soaked after 30 seconds through wet leaves, but these bad boys had me literally submerging my feet in running water.
  6. I have heard that once water breaches the top of the upper near the ankle it's game-over.
  7. The shoes are supremely good looking and don't look out of place with a pair of jeans or running shorts.
  8. I took them on a single run after a big storm down a normally well maintained trail.
  9. I encountered mud, rivulets, downed trees, carpets of wet leaves, along with the the usual hills and roots and gravel.
  10. These shoes seemed to communicate the same message for each encounter: go forward.
  11. However, there is virtually no feedback between the shoe and the foot.
  12. The grip is helpful sometimes, such as when trouncing a slick downed tree, but can also become obnoxious getting caught on every little tree root, stone, or anything that's anchored to the earth.
  13. When I wear these Salomon SPEEDCROSS 4s, I feel more like a shoe than a runner.
  14. The sole is built with an un-moving arch made out of hard plastic (In fact the whole shoe feels to be made out of hard plastic).
  15. A gentle ellipse shapes the sole and hugely promotes a heel-strike followed by rolling the foot from heel to forefoot.
  16. I like to run with a forefoot strike, absorbing impact into my calves.
  17. In order to strike on the forefoot in these shoes, my heel slides slightly out of the shoe.
  18. As my speed increases, my heel height rises until my heel is popping entirely out of the shoe.
  19. The lack of foot movement permitted by the shoe encouraged more knee and leg work/impact than usual.
  20. The hard almost wood-like nature of these shoes removes all stability.
  21. Slightly bumpy ground is easily traversed in all my other shoes, but in these SPEEDCROSS shoes, everything is dulled.
  22. Since the foot can't move, all stability is transferred upward to the ankles and knees.
  23. Twice my ankles rolled due to the shoe simply not bending a little.
  24. Regular Heel Stompers will probably be pretty happy with these SPEEDCROSS shoes.
  25. For me, these feel like a major injury waiting to happen.
  26. These shoes were delivered to me late yesterday afternoon, and I wore them TODAY to run the Tough Mudder.
  27. I was worried they would hurt my feet because they were new and hadn't been worn in, but I had no problems at all.
  28. These shoes were comfortable throughout the run, and were perfect for muddy, slippery terrain.
  29. I wore them with Nike compression socks, which I also highly recommend.
  30. Despite being submerged in mud and water frequently, I never had rocks or a lot of mud inside my shoes (water is a different story, but that's unavoidable).
  31. I did not use gaiters, and I'm glad I didn't waist the money because it wasn't a problem.
  32. I thought they ran about a half size bigger than my Nike shoes, but my feet were so comfortable, I wouldn't change the size.
  33. As I expected based on reviews, the toe box was a bit on the narrower side, which I think does help with maneuverability when running on rough trails, and is an intentional feature of the design.
  34. I found it did start to become just slightly uncomfortable in the forefoot after a long period of wear, which wasn't a surprise.
  35. I also liked the fact that, despite the slightly narrow shape, the upper construction allows for quite a bit of adjustment and accommodation of different sock types.
  36. I found the lacing system effective and it has the feature of a pouch at the top of the tongue to secure the excess laces and fastening device, so you have nothing bouncing around while running.
  37. In particular, wet rocks (which I knew to be careful with) and clay-like mud (which sticks to anything).
  38. That height, combined with narrowish footprint, did lead to a couple moments of sketchy ankle movement, although nothing that caused pain or injury.
  39. I noticed when looking on Salomon's website they now produce a version of the Speedcross 4 with a slightly lower heel, which might be an option if that's a concern for you.
  40. I wouldn't call it a glaring defect, but it does seem a little silly to push the heel height on an aggressive trail running shoe that by no means needs the extra cushioning.
  41. Overall though, I find it to be a great shoe, and I still feel like I'm getting used to it.
  42. I believe the coldest conditions were in the mid negative teens in Fahrenheit with windchill to boot.
  43. The lacing system is wrapped up entirely in a drawstring loop pull tab near the shoe's tongue.
  44. I never felt this grip loosen and I can't remember adjusting it whatsoever during my runs.
  45. My only tip here is that, because of how important the drawstrings are to the efficaciousness of this shoe remaining in place, I suggest tucking the excess exposed string underneath nearby laces or you'll like kick the dangling line repeatedly throughout your activity and I can imagine a scenario where a heavy rubber lug grabs the lace too whole-heatedly during a stride and rips it from its mooring, essentially ruining the shoe thenceforth.
  46. In short, tighten the drawstring then tuck it under the laces.
  47. Took then hiking 4 miles the first day and no sore feet at the end of it.

Buy here $119.96 - $359.00

Salomon Speedcross 3 Climashield Trail Running Shoe

Sam Lund discusses the features and benefits of the Salomon Speedcross 3 Climashield Trail Running Shoe.

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