Salomon Speedcross 4 Men’s Running Shoes Black / Metallic

Salomon Speedcross 4 Mens Running Shoes Black / Metallic

The new Salomon Speedcross 4 comes in 2016 in the revised version with a more flexible upper, modified outsole and the usual features.

The lightweight sits close to the foot, is breathable and has a durable upper made of water-repellent fabric with synthetic overlays.

All in black, the outdoor shoe adds effortlessly to any sports outfit. Due to its light construction and its knob-like, soft sole, the Speedcross 4 is perfect for loose terrain and soft forest roads.

Thanks to the Contagrip outsole, you can achieve maximum speed with the highest traction. For your comfort the preformed EVA footbed, the Ortholite insole, the Quicklace-Schnurung and the roll and mud protection provide.
-Men’s Trains
-Upper: Textile / Synthetic
-Sensifit system for optimum grip
-Preformed EVA midsole
-OrthoLite footbed for upholstery
-Mesh insert for roll protection
-Quicklace high-speed system
-Wet Traction Contagrip outsole for fixed kick
-Mud Guard
Note: br11> The shoes are slightly smaller. Please order a size bigger!

Brand: Salomon

Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 CS Trail Runner

Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 CS Trail Runner
  1. Just enough to provide protection for technical trail running yet with the strategically placed weather-resistant functionality of CLIMASALOMON.
  2. Lightweight, highly cushioned and with monster grip in soft conditions, the Speedcross 4 CS delivers more raw fun than ever.
  3. Lightweight, highly cushioned and with Monster grip in soft conditions, the speed cross 4 cs delivers more raw fun than ever.
  4. It provides excellent traction and comfort in everything from short day hikes to ultra marathons.
  5. The fit, like in the previous incarnation, the Speedcross 3, runs a tad narrow for me.
  6. There is a slight difference in feel from the non water proof SC4 and the WP SC4.
  7. I found this version to be slightly stiffer all around and to have a longer break in time.
  8. The top of the tongue is sewn into the body of the shoe differently which makes the pocket where you tuck in the laces slightly more difficult to access.
  9. However this hasn’t been an issue because the salomon lace system seemingly never needs readjustment.
  10. The bottom tread is definitely an improvement over previous models.
  11. The spikes seem more aggressively placed and deeper too.
  12. The longitivy of the Speedcross tread is relatively short compared to competitors trail runners but the grip is unparalleled.
  13. I run 3-4 days a week on mixed terrain and I replace the shoes every few months.
  14. Overall this is a five star worthy trail running/hiking shoe that is worth every dollar spent on them!<
  15. Charleston, and did a few hikes/climbs in Red Rock Canyon Nevada, and I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.
  16. I initially bought these for Spartan Beast races, but wanted to break them in prior.
  17. They are extremely comfortable, fit as expected, and the traction is great on rocks.
  18. I would highly recommend these shoes for most outdoor activities.
  19. I initially thought these would be too tight, but I loosened the laces all the way and used my hands to get the forefoot opened as a wide as it would go.
  20. I was careful to not overstretch these because I didn’t want to damage the waterproof membrane.
  21. I then wore them around the house for a couple of hours at a time.
  22. I do wear ultra thin running socks made from synthetic fibers, which also helps with the width.
  23. Finally, these remain quite comfortable with the insoles removed if you still need a little more room.
  24. The widely spaced chevron sole is very grippy on trails that are muddy or have loose dirt, and they’re easy to clean.
  25. Took them in a quick 5 mile run and hike and i absolutely love them.
  26. Laces loosen a bit and tend to come united without double knotting.
  27. The problem with this comes when running on uneven surfaces (like a trail, maybe?) when the shoe rubs and bangs against the ankle bone quite uncomfortably.
  28. On a long run, I end up compensating with my stride and footfalls, which is dangerous and slows me down.
  29. By trying to increase the “support” of the shoe, Salomon has made it more unstable to actually use.
  30. After wearing over the course of a few days they now fit perfectly and are very comfortable to run in.
  31. Out of the box, they didn’t feel like the Speedcross I was used to, but I kept them anyway.
  32. My heels started hurting, then my arches, even after I took them off.
  33. After 3 months of torture, I went back to the Speedcross 3 and what relief!
  34. I walked 5 miles straight out of the box with a spring in my step again.
  35. I just bought another pair since they will be gone soon and then I guess I’ll have to find a new brand.
  36. Soles are all ready worn in spots after a month.Perhaps these are fakes as well, cant tell.
  37. As with all trail shoes go a half size up than your regular size.
  38. These are my go to hiking, general walking, workout and all around town sneaks.
Buy here $73.75 – $332.00

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