Salomon Speedcross 4 Women’s Running Shoes Lime Punch / Biscay Green

Salomon Speedcross 4 Womens Running Shoes Lime Punch / Biscay Green

The 4th generation of the Speedcross with many features in a cool look.

The breathable running shoe has a Sensifit system and ensures optimal grip while running. In addition, the shoe protects you from external weather conditions by means of rolling and mud protection.

The outsole is made up of functional parts.

A molded with EVA foam midsole with preformed footbed and OrthoLite insole ensures optimal comfort.

Tired and broken feet are now history. With the Speedcross 4 from Salomon you benefit from features like a pro.

-Women's Trains


-Shaft: half-height spring construction

-Sensifit system for optimum grip

-Preformed EVA midsole

-OrthoLite footbed for upholstery

-Mesh insert for roll protection

-Quicklace high-speed system


-Wet Traction Contagrip outsole for fixed kick

-Sludge protection

-Upper: Textile / Synthetic

Note: br12> The shoes are slightly smaller. Please order a size bigger!

Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes

Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes

  1. Just enough to provide protection for technical trail running.
  2. When I run trails I typically run around 20 miles, sometimes more.
  3. Wore these a few days ago for the first time on a 28 mile mountain run.
  4. GREAT grip, very luggy, almost like cleats but manages to be exceptionally light.
  5. Cushioned well, but not so well that you lost the feel of the trail beneath your feet.
  6. I find it incredibly valuable, especially on rocky or technical trails, to be able to feel the ground.
  7. I generally put between 400-500 miles on them before retirement.
  8. I have a lot of salomon gear, all of which has been bombproof.
  9. The inserts are obviously not genuine ortholite, just some cheap sole with an "ortholite" sticker, that came off after my first run in these.
  10. I have a pair of genuine ortholite soles from my last pair of salomons, and they are drastically different and of a finer quality than what came with this pair of shoes.
  11. On a more catastophic note, one of the draw string loops on these counterfeits broke within less than 3 months of use, during my race yesterday.
  12. Received them on 4/1917 and it is now 6/14/17 and both shoes are ripping out at the outside of the toe.
  13. Talked to a lot of people who have bought them and they have had the same problem.
  14. When you try to get ahold of Salamon you stay on hold for ever till finally you get s message that they are closed for the day.
  15. They say they have warranty but don't know how you could ever redeem it.
  16. I have purchased a new pair for hiking because I wore the grip flat on my original pair.
  17. I have put have thousands of miles on these on the Appalachian trail, south America and now they are my construction work shoes that just wont break.
  18. Ive finally worn through the bottoms abut they ars still going strong and just as comfortable as my new pair which I only wear when hiking because they have grip still.
  19. They have saved my life hiking up to tolima in Columbia and on river gorges crossing house sized boulders.
  20. Where they really shine is muddy trail hiking and step terrain.
  21. I use them backpacking with 40lb loads and they really preform like the perfect boot I always thought I wanted.
  22. I will never wear another brand of shoe and I have hiked half the Appalachian trail and most the trails in pisgah and the smokies with these in pictures that are my construction shoes now.
  23. These fit a little snug at first, but after getting a little bit of running in them, they fit very well!<
  24. I use them for softball, and they work EXCEPTIONALLY WELL!
  25. They work better than any of the cleats that I have purchased in the past several years.
  26. I started off wearing them for Spartan racing and fell in love.
  27. They fit right out of the box, and are so quick to put on.
  28. Too often, I head out of the house wearing flip-lops or sandals because I don't want to tie a pair of shoes.
  29. Then something comes up and I regret that I am wearing flimsy sandals instead of real shoes.
  30. I have no idea how many of these I have owned now; they are the perfect shoe!!
  31. Beware that the really aggressive cleated soles are great in mud but not so great on normal surfaces, or on slippery obstacles.
  32. You will be better off buying the Speedcross variety with the less-aggressive cleats or the Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX for most purposes.
  33. Also remember to buy a size larger if you are running DOWNhill, or else (like any shoe) your toes will jam into the end and your toenails will turn black and fall off.
  34. It took me a long time to realize that I have been buying shoes too small for years.
  35. I have wide feet, high arches, and hammer toes, and these shoes fit like a dream, and are quick to put on, so I am not tempted to be lazy and wear sandals.
  36. I've had a few other brands of trail runners that I've used for hiking, and they've shown wear after 35 miles.
  37. Having completed 80 trail-miles through the Smokies (with several more actual miles considering that the shelters are .4 miles off the trail, and water often required a hike as well), the shoes look practically brand new.
  38. They DO fit tight, but this is by design as it keeps your foot from shifting and getting blisters.
  39. I did get a hotspot or two after day three due to the fact that my feet were constantly wet from the rain.
  40. My only real complain is that the shoes do not dry as quickly as some of the other shoes I've had, but this is likely a function of the comfort and durability, and it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.
  41. He LOVED theses treads especially since they are like tires and definitely won’t be slipping while running the mountains.
  42. With age he especially LOVES being seen and is known as the man who wears neon colored everything - shoes now included.
  43. We joke if he ever got lost, he wouldnt be hard to find in Construction Orange shoes.
  44. These orange/red trail shoes (especially treads) still look new even after many months - and he definitely wears them by runing many miles 6 days a week.
  45. Definitely happy cuz my dad loves them and will be collecting their beight colors.
  46. Seems that all that Salomon makes is a narrow shoe and unfortunately I have wide feet.
  47. I ordered one full size above normal and still didn't feel comfortable.
  48. I Used these for a recent Spartan Race, they felt nice and held up!

Buy here $73.47 - $299.99

Salomon Women's Speedcross 4 W Trail Runner

Salomon Women's Speedcross 4 W Trail Runner

  1. The 4th edition of this iconic running shoe turns the normal image of refinement on it's head.
  2. Lightweight, highly cushioned and with monster grip on soft trail conditions, the Speedcross 4 delivers more raw fun than ever.
  3. Lightweight, highly cushioned and with monster grip on soft trail conditions, the SPEEDCROSS 4 for women delivers more raw fun than ever.
  4. I'm the most loyal Salomon Speedcross 3 runner, but this stuff new shoe is a waste of money and causes injuries!
  5. Beware of the terrible alteration to the heel area in this shoe, as described below.
  6. Over the past several years, I've owned countless pairs of Salomon Speedcross 3 shoes for long-distance running on both the streets and the trails.
  7. It's the only shoe I run in, no matter the terrain or 90-degree running weather range here in Michigan.
  8. They've always fit perfectly right out of the box, and I believe the shoes helped me to decrease my knee and shin injuries even while increasing my weekly running mileage!
  9. My parents, fiancée, friends, and family are all hooked on the great comfort and durability of the Speedcross 3 shoes.
  10. However, if you're a loyal Salomon Speedcross 3 wearer like myself or looking to try out some Speedcross shoes for the first time after a recommendation, BEWARE OF THIS SPEEDCROSS 4 VERSION!
  11. When these shoes arrived a few months ago, they looked the same in the box, so I wore them outside without even thinking about it.
  12. After my first run with them, I knew the shoe was different.
  13. The stiff, unforgiving heel rubbed the back of my feet and caused blisters even with great running socks on.
  14. Even though I was a little worried about the new 4s, I couldn't return them since I ran outside.
  15. Due to the high price, I was determined to make them work for me.
  16. For the past few months, I've attempted to make these shoes work by running in them once per week to "wear them in," but I'm officially done!
  17. The heel and sole areas are both incredibly hard/stiff compared to the Speedcross 3 version.
  18. During each run, I felt as if my Achilles was getting squeezed by the shoe.
  19. Even worse, the bottom of my heels felt very sore during and after each run, as if they were getting bruised by the pounding.
  20. The sore heels lasted the rest of the day and even sometimes the entire day following my runs in these shoes.
  21. I have good running form and I've never experienced Plantar Fasciitis before, but I honestly believe these shoes are causing me to feel the initial symptoms of the terrible injury.
  22. When I wear my old Speedcross 3s out running, I don't feel this pain in my heels or Achilles at all, but the one day per week I've been wearing the Speedcross 4s I've consistently experienced the new pain.
  23. I'm not willing to jeopardize my upcoming marathon by forcing these bad shoes to work for me any longer!
  24. After a mere 80 or so miles on these shoes, I've given up on them for good.
  25. My fiancée (who received a pair of the Speedcross 4 shoes as a Christmas gift before I figured out that these shoes were hopeless) is also quitting these shoes for good after just 6 weeks.
  26. As a generally injury-free runner, he complains of heel pain in these shoes as well.
  27. As I mentioned before, we have completely different feet shapes/sizes, so it's very telling that the new shoes are causing the same serious pain for both of us.
  28. We don't have a lot of money for wasting running shoes, so it was hard for us to give up on these and buy new Spoedcross 3s.
  29. I hope no other runners waste their money or battle injury because of these shoes.
  30. I don't know what I'll do if Salomon stops making the Speedcross 3, but I'll have to move on to a different brand entirely because I certainly won't be purchasing this model ever again!
  31. The ONLY reason I didn't give them a 5 star rating is, that damn plastic piece that is used to keep the shoe tight and secure, breaks.
  32. I'm on my 8th pair, and every pair has had an issue with that clip crapping out.
  33. I've suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for years so am very picky about my shoes.
  34. Yes, my feet hurt at one point, but I put on a new pair of socks and felt like a million bucks.
  35. The half size up felt too big and loopy, even with thick socks.
  36. They have a nice sleek design and are not clunky like most hiking shoes.
  37. I ordered these because I know the fit and it seemed like the traction was better.
  38. Honestly, trying a new trail running shoe and not liking it gets expensive.
  39. It feels a bit like a cleat at first and is not quite as wide in the sole as earlier models, but I have never had such great traction!
  40. Wore them on a 6 mile run/hike the first day and 3 miles the next.
  41. Was on all sorts of terrain from marshy tall grass to rocks to dirt to 4 wheel drive gravel road.
  42. Had to play a bit with the lacing, but nothing out of the ordinary.
  43. I wear a 9 women in these and they fit like all the other Solomons.
  44. No sooner had I received them when my son asked if I'd care to join him on a 9-mile hike to summit a couple of Colorado 14ers the next morning.
  45. I was a little wary of wearing the new Salomons right out of the box on such a hike, but went for it.
  46. I was sure-footed the whole way, my foot didn't move around in the shoe, and I didn't take in annoying pebbles.
  47. Plus they were comfortable and lightweight the whole time, and my legs still felt fresh afterward.
  48. I also run on trails, but purchased these for hiking and climbing as I prefer a more minimal shoe for running.
  49. I power walk 4 miles a day as well as climb 1700 stairs in a very warm climate on really flat surfaces!<
  50. I didnt have to break them in, picked them up on a Weds and raced Spartan Sat/Sunday!<
  51. The Keene sandals and the Solomons are the most comfortable shoes ever!
  52. Unfortunately, the shoes are very narrow and the soles are hard.

Buy here $59.95 - $339.99

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