Salomon Techamphibian 3 Men’s Sandal Lime Punch / Green Flash

Salomon Techamphibian 3 Mens Sandal Lime Punch / Green Flash

With the Techamphibian from the house of Salomon, no way will be too far, no temperature will bring your feet to the track and no stream will ever cut you off the way! The perfect outdoor companion always supports your feet with open air thanks to its open mesh construction, while durable mesh inserts provide protection against rolling and bumps.

The lining made of neoprene lycra material bends your feet absolutely soft, while the adjustable heel strap allows you to adapt the Salomon outdoor shoes to your needs. Just as quick-drying as comfortable you get your water shoes to your home! Due to the uncomplicated high-speed system, the men's shoes are also always on and off quickly and everywhere, so you can vary according to free pieces what you're looking for! -Men's trekking shoes

-Breathable Quick-drying

-Open mesh construction with roll-up protection

-Lining: soft neoprene lycra

-Insole made of die-cut EVA foam

-Midsole with molded EVA foam and drainage system

-High Traction Contagrip outsole with knife cut profile

-Quiklace-Schnursystem with stowage bag

-Adjustable heel strap

-Foldable heel construction

-Internal SensiFit construction

Brand: Salomon

Salomon Men's Techamphibian 3 Trail Running Shoe

Salomon Men's Techamphibian 3 Trail Running Shoe

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    Salomon Men's Techamphibian 3 Sandals

    Salomon Men's Techamphibian 3 Sandals

    1. That said, despite having real concerns over the comfort of these shoes from reading the reviews that mentioned rubbing at certain points and blisters, I am relieved that after a little breaking in, these shoes are very comfortable.
    2. I previously owned Merrell's "Portrage" shoes of very similar style, and those were the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned from the first time I slipped them on my feet.
    3. The Tech Amphibian 3's are not like that, but are still quite comfortable and seem to function great.
    4. I have owned many pairs of Salomon trail running shoes so I am a fan of the brand and the lacing system.
    5. Sometimes it takes two tries to get the tightness equal on each shoe, and on the right shoe the plastic connector that holds the laces together can come undone easily if I pull it too hard.
    6. I just snap it back together, but it's something I'm mindful of when taking them off.
    7. Not to bury the lead, but the big issue people have commented on, the shoes causing foot abrasions, I have not experienced.
    8. The only rough point was on the inside of the left shoe on the outer edge of my foot.
    9. This never caused redness or a blister, but I did wear them in the house for an hour or two before wearing them outside, and then the first few times outside only short walks.
    10. After about 10 days that rough spot has gone away and the shoes are comfortable on 2-mile hot Florida walks.
    11. I would wear them longer, but my knee injury keeps me from walking further right now.
    12. On trails and uneven ground they feel even more comfortable than on pavement as the tread and stiffness with give of the shoes is excellent.
    13. This is the reason I buy Salomon trail running shoes because as the terrain gets rougher, the shoes are more comfortable.
    14. I have not worn them in flooded trails yet so I cannot really comment on how well they work in water.
    15. In a sport sandal though I like something that totally protects the toes, and also covers the heal.
    16. To my knowledge these are the only sport sandals on the market today that do both now that the Merrell Portage shoes are gone.
    17. Even after a couple weeks I cannot stop staring at them on my feet!<
    18. They dried amazingly fast however and were very comfortable providing very good traction on muddy trails and slippery rocks while crossing streams, etc.
    19. The fit is true to size and being able to adjust the heel portion for a more snug fit is very useful.
    20. I wore these shoes on long hikes across various terrain and they were incredibly comfortable.
    21. For the price - one of the best purchases I made in recent past.
    22. I had the earlier version of the tech amphibian which lasted me quite a few years with many miles of use in all kinds of conditions until some stinky garbage got spilled on them and I tried everything under the sun to rid them of their stench including letting them bake out in the sun.
    23. This particular shoes has a great color combo and looks to be an even better incarnation than its predecessor.
    24. I cannot recommend a better shoe for the summer as it is snug and keeps your feet cool and will allow you to play most sports and run with the moose and wolves through the forest.
    25. Not good to wear bare foot hiking, but a very comfortable shoe with socks.
    26. I never got more compliments on a casual shoe than these for appearance too!
    27. The are long-lasting, keep the foot quite cool, dry fast if wet, and give good food support for light hiking.
    28. This particular pair fits somewhat longer that expected (although it's the same nominal size as my previous pairs).
    29. I had to wear them around with socks for a few weeks just to loosen the fit.
    30. After enough wear there was some additional room around the ball of the foot to make it feel better for wearing most of the time.
    31. The shoes do take a bit of getting used to, but once you figure them out they are great.
    32. I still use my first pair almost every warm weather day, and they have been coast to coast several times.
    33. So far this has been the best warm weather shoe I have found.
    34. Since this is a water shoe, you would more than likely wear it without socks.
    35. Typical walking does no bother it, but when I try shoes on I intentionally shift the foot around to see if anything rubs.
    36. I power wash buildings for a living and my feet are constantly in water.

    Buy here $94.95 - $95.00

    Salomon Techamphibian 3 Black Autobahn Flea

    View the size chart Stay comfortable, in and out of the water, all day long with the lightweight, breathable design of the

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