Salomon XA Pro 3D Men’s Sports Shoes Fiery Red / Black

Salomon XA Pro 3D Mens Sports Shoes Fiery Red / Black

Fall into the next adventure with the fire-red XA PRO 3D from Salomon.

With stable and durable workmanship, the all-rounder from Salomon shines.

A 3D Advanced chassis provides stability in all your movements.

Targeted progress, even on wet subsoils, is made possible by a Premium Wet Traction Contagrip.

The sole of injected EVA foam and an OrthoLite insole ensures a high wearing comfort.

This is optimized by a reinforced rubber toe cap and the Premium Contagrip outsole. Now you can fully dedicate yourself to your trail, benefiting from the best wearing comfort and healthy feet.

With this Salomon model you get outdoor spa? at a high level and enjoys features like the pros.
-Men’s sports shoes
-3D Advanced Chassis
-EVA sole with footbed
-OrthoLite insole
-Outsole: Premium Wet Traction Contagrip
-Reinforced Toe Cap
-Fit: Sensifit
-Asymmetrical stringing
-Frictionless Osen
-Material: synthetic, textile, rubber

Brand: Salomon

Salomon Men’s XA Pro 3D Trail Running Shoe

Salomon Men's XA Pro 3D Trail Running Shoe
  1. Offers an incredible fit, improved durability, and a grip that inspires confidence.
  2. I had some good quality Asolo boots but I couldn’t be happier with the switch to trail runners.
  3. My feet are way more comfortable in the Salomon’s than they ever were in hiking boots.
  4. My feet are less sore and less prone to blisters over long distances in the trail runners.
  5. My typical pack base weight (just equipment without food or water) is around 15 pounds.
  6. The max weight I’ve carried when hiking with these shoes is about 32 pounds, and I had no issues with comfort.
  7. Another thing I really like about these trail runners (the non-GTX model) is the breathable mesh fabric they use.
  8. They really dry out fast even when they get completely soaked when fording creeks.
  9. My feet don’t get hot or sweaty in these trail runners.
  10. The only thing about the lacing system on these particular shoes is the inside lacing loop at the toe of the shoe.
  11. For me, if I really cinch the laces down, that last lacing loop on the inside of the shoe puts some pressure on the top of my foot just behind my big toe.
  12. I’m careful not to lace the shoe up too tight, it’s not a problem.
  13. As far as durability, these Salomons are holding up very well after more than 100 miles that I’ve hiked in them.
  14. I often hike on rough, rocky, and overgrown trails, so they take some abuse.
  15. I used some ICETrekker shoe traction devices on a recent hike where I hit some snow, and I think that the chain on the sides of the ICETrekkers may have caused some wear on the mesh near the toe of the shoes.
  16. After using the ICETrekkers, I found some small tears in the mesh on both shoes near the inside toe.
  17. I really can’t fault the shoes for this since I’m sure they weren’t necessarily designed for heavy use with shoe traction devices like I was using them with.
  18. The good news is that the tears haven’t got any larger and I’ve hiked about 25 miles in these shoes since then.
  19. The grip on the soles of the shoes seem good in wet conditions and the soles show very little wear so far.
  20. Overall, I’d say these are comfortable and reasonably durable shoes.
  21. They are very light weight and my feet have been happy wearing them.
  22. I like them so much that I recently bought the ankle height, non-waterproof version to use as all-around outdoor shoes.
  23. On the spectrum from running shoe to hiking shoe that most “trail runners” exist on, this shoe is definitely more on the hiking shoe end of things.
  24. You could run in it, but it’s noticeably more heavy and stiff than a lot of trail runners.
  25. But the payoff is that this shoe is also more rugged, durable, and stable.
  26. The toe cap and bottom perimeter of the upper is lined with rubber making it very robust for trail use.
  27. The “3D Chassis” feature actually works – you can feel the lateral support, but it still allows the show to flex at the toe joint as it should.
  28. A lifetime of sprains have left me with a tendency to twisted ankles.
  29. The heel counters, collar height, and heel fit (nice and snug) of these shoes work really well for my feet though and my ankles feel very well supported and stable.
  30. I’ve always liked the Salomon quick lacing system; it’s quick, effective, and the laces are way stronger than they look.
  31. The rubber used for the outsole is soft, which helps it grip better but wears fairly quickly, which is my only knock on this shoe.
  32. They have a great sole, self-cleans well, not too soft so it won’t wear too fast on pavement, but gives me a confident feeling on rocks and loose dirt.
  33. Excellent toe protection, and these shoes breath fairly well.
  34. I have a lot of nerve pain in my feet, and these shoes do a good job overall.
  35. I wear a 10 with a Nike, I ordered a 9 1/2 in the Solomon and they are the right size.
  36. Not a huge fan of the speed laces, the system does work well, but they actually take more time to tuck the pull and extra lace into the “garage” pocket on the tongue of the shoe.
  37. I also bought a pair of size 10 Merrell Allout Blaze Waterproof low-tops, and they were more comfortable out of the box.
  38. However, being waterproof, my feet sweat more them, and the sole material is much softer and grippy, but will probably wear faster on pavement.
  39. It stretched out and became more comfortable with time.
  40. Unfortunately the cloth at the toes developed a hole where it would flex while walking or running.
  41. Also, the inside liner on the right heel developed a tear and hole that now makes them a bit uncomfortable for long days especially without thick socks.
  42. I understand that shoes have limits, but when some last 2-3 times as long in the same price range, the natural limits become more like shortcomings.
  43. I work in a place that is scorching hot and gravel is everywhere.
  44. Difficult terrain to walk and very punishing on footwear of any kind.
  45. The ventilation is fantastic and they are feather light.
  46. Very satisfied and I recommend them without any reservation.
  47. The first pair bought 3 years ago was size 8, width is right, but way too long.
  48. I needed a bit more support so I added super feet orthotics.
Buy here $61.99 – $351.00

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